Retail Management Hero Review

Retail Management Hero™ (RMH) is a full-scale POS solution that allows retailers to efficiently manage all their POS and back office activities.

RMH is a standalone software system that helps small to medium-sized chains improve business intelligence (BI) while operating quicker and smarter throughout the entire retail environment.

It is packed with features to optimize inventory management and take the guesswork out of purchasing decisions.

RMH addresses the needs of businesses in many industries and sector, including grocery stores, convenience stores, apparel, fashion, and sporting goods, liquor, gift shops, and specialty stores.

arget Enterprises

As mentioned, this solution is ideal for small to medium-size businesses. It is distributed through a global network of partners in a wide variety of industries. The solution was designed to enable a myriad of third-party apps and add-on integrations.


Hero is relatively affordable at $150 per user per month.

Why Should I Choose Hero for my Retail Needs?

Hero can help your business boost efficiency and growth.
The solution has huge exposure to different companies and offers different industries the same type of software, so they are well-aware of who is doing what with their solution.
This also helps them understand and foresee what’s really working.
Allow them to share their observations so that clients get an idea about their expertise, experience, and intelligence.

This is also a good chance to identify the service providers who offer the most insightful suggestions.

Retail Management Hero: Customization

Each enterprise has different needs, so each one requires a tool that can be easily adjusted and customized to cater to its specific needs.

This is something to keep in mind when it comes to selecting a software solution. One needs to understand if a system is easy to customize.
Thankfully, the answer is resoundingly affirmative.
Hero is also scalable, making it perfect for a growing and expanding business. This is good news because there’s no point in investing in a solution that can’t be scaled.

Useful Community Forum

Hero’s community forum is a great way to engage users. Access to this forum helps current and future customers connect with product experts through peer-to-peer discussions.


The company ensures implementation is smooth, so it’s OK to select this business app. Nevertheless, you should inquire as to who will be responsible for handling the implementation process.

Measures ROI

Retail Management Hero provides answers to the question of how their business software will improve your bottom line and ROI.

Smooth Data Migration

The company provides a structured, clear data conversion methodology that will enable unhindered migration of your information to the new system.

Retail Management Hero Expertise

RMH is always able to show customers a positive track record with its implementation strategy like any good software vendor. Nonetheless, you should inquire as to whether Retail Management Hero’s method is structured. Your goal should always be to look for an adjustable, structured, and flexible system that can adapt in unexpected situations.

API for Third Party App Integration

Retail Management Hero provides an API for integration with third party apps in line with every business’ philosophy to keep growing and expanding. They have made sure an application programming interface is available for easy integration when it comes to choosing their software.

Consulting Hours

We have not established whether this software vendor’s package includes consulting hours. We recommend calling the company. Do not hesitate to ask if there are any hidden charges involved.

Data Import and Export

Users have stated that this process is generally seamless with this software product vendor. Their tool enables customers to export data to an external file or import data from external sources even without an extensive background in technology.


Sadly, the company doesn’t excel in this respect. It is not clear what the minimum hardware requirements to install, implement, and run Retail Management Hero on a server are. That said, we’d advise against committing to a system if you aren’t 100% sure that the software will be compatible with your existing system.

Do not hesitate to inquire if the software vendor offers specific hardware to install the software or you need to purchase it separately. Ask if the business application will run on your existing workstations. Also, ask if you need to upgrade your RAM to successfully run the software for optimal performance and how much space the software will take on the disk drive.


Generally, the software is intuitive and learning the ropes is simple even for a novice. However, you’d still need to know what it would cost if Retail Management Hero were to send a technician on-site to solve a problem concerning your business. You need to be informed in advance if the software vendor plans to send a technician to resolve any issue that might surface. The charges vary depending on the issue.

Startup and Maintenance Fees

Make sure you know if the vendor charges any fee to get you started when you are looking for a software solution. You should also ask if there are any software maintenance charges you need to cover.

Charges per Terminal and Location

There will be an extra charge for every additional terminal in your store and every extra location. Other software vendors do not change their fees based on the number of store locations, so it may be wise to look for an alternative provider.

Upgrading from RMS: Easy Transition

You’re in luck if you are currently using Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System (RMS) and want to upgrade your current solution. It is a seamless transition with Retail Management Hero. The solution keeps data and existing hardware so your current system can be easily upgraded based on the highly successful RMS system.

This is because the RMH solution includes everything you appreciate about RMS, at the bare minimum at that. Go ahead and make the switch to discover the benefits of switching from RMS to RMH. One of the many benefits is that you won’t have to recreate your data after making the switch.

Intuitive and Responsive Design

This point-of-sale solution was fully designed with retail in mind. Its intuitive, touchscreen optimized graphical user interface helps any retailer do everything from looking up inventory and entering items to generating receipts and processing sales transactions at the speed of light.

Packed with Functionality and Features

Retail Management Hero addresses the needs of various industries and sectors, but we’ve established that retailers in the fashion industry, supermarkets, grocery stores, convenience stores, and specialized retailers like liquor stores and gift shops will benefit the most from it. The fully customizable and 100% user-friendly graphical user interface includes a number of wizards to automate repetitive day to day tasks.

Integrated Receipt, Label, and Report Designer

The inbuilt receipt, label, and report designer provides customization and consistent store branding. Advanced POS functions include ad-hoc line item, serialized items, input by weight, ad hoc charges, layaways, work orders, and quotes. Back office functions, ecommerce integration options, and customer Omni-channel loyalty and promotions are just some of the solution’s myriad of features.

Powerful, Accessible Reports

Keeping an eye on your daily store reports is as easy as pie thanks to the powerful reporting built into RMH. You can identify your moving inventory, real-time customer transactions and sales data at a glance. This will help you make informed business decisions. You can also create and customize your own reports!

Extendable, Customizable, Scalable

RMH enables you to easily add functionality to make it a perfect fit for your business, having been designed to enable a multitude of third-party app services and add on integrations. This is possible both now and in the future.

Payment Processing Options

RMH comes with options for payment processing out of the box. Your customers have the flexibility to work with the processor of this choice through RMH’s integration to payment gateways and processors. Key features include Gift Card, EMV, Cash Back, EBT, and more.

Guaranteed Data Backup

Retail Management Hero is well aware of how risky data loss can be for any business. The vendor offers a guarantee for data backup. You need to ask how often the data is backed up and whether this service costs extra. Also, make sure you ask if Retail Management Hero meets critical security and compliance requirements because your company is accountable to staff, customers, partners, and of course the authorities. Always choose a software vendor who has an extensive, technically sound security and compliance program in place.

You’ll be happy to learn that Retail Management Hero provides disaster recovery support in the event of a catastrophic hardware failure at no extra charge.

Regularity of Updates

We couldn’t find any conclusive data with respect to the frequency of software updates. It would pay off to inquire whether the service provider notifies customers of scheduled upgrades! How long do upgrades take, and does the software work when the upgrades are underway?

Do I Need to Train My Staff?

Any company that is in the process of selecting a retail management system would want to know how much training their staff will need to learn the ropes and whether the vendor provides it. Of course, the cost of training is an all-pervasive concern. According to Retail Management Hero, the solution is very simple to use, and training is provided despite that.

Performance Issues

Prospective users should always ask how an issue is handled on the part of the software vendor. Do not hesitate to ask who will respond to your calls in the event of an emergency and what the contact person or persons’ experience in the software industry is.

Testing and Validation

Testing is critical to ensure that the software operates as promised. Before you buy the product, ask if the vendor offers any free trial runs. It will get easier to understand the software product’s functionality by testing the concept first. Then, you may proceed to sign a contract if you choose.

Customer Satisfaction

The software vendor has many satisfied customers and seems to be quite popular. The vast majority of reviews of this product are positive, with most users saying it is actually quite good.

Negative Comments and Complaints

Of course, there’s no shortage of these, as with most Retail POS systems. Most negative comments relate to system bugs. Here’s what was posted on behalf of the company’s CEO in response to one such complaint:

Thank you for honestly expressing your frustration with our software. Having worked with you directly over the past couple of months I can tell you we care a great deal about your eventual success with our product and are working hard with your reseller to provide updates that solve the problems you’ve been experiencing. It is true that there were a couple of bugs, which we have now fixed. I believe this will solve the problems you have encountered. Let’s get the updated software installed and revisit your experience. I won’t rest until your problems are solved.


Should you decide against Hero nonetheless, popular alternatives include Amber POS, LightSpeed, QuickBooks POS, COMCASH Retail ERP, Microsoft Retail Management System, ODEIS Retail, Smartwerks USA, SpruceWare-Net, Lumo, and Bindo POS.

A good alternative is Vend Systems, one of the best POS retail management systems on the market. It’s a great choice even for non-retail establishments, such as bars and restaurants. Given its relatively high price, Lightspeed is better-suited for larger businesses.

Shopify is the best option if you want to integrate an online store with your traditional store quickly and easily. Small businesses with few employees, limited product selection and a single location may find that ShopKeep will best suit their needs. TouchBistro will let you shop around for the best deals because it is compatible with multiple payment processors.

Our Final Say on Retail Management Hero

Retail Management Hero is a fully scalable point of sale solution that allows retailers to efficiently manage almost all back office and point of sale activities. Packed with features to optimize inventory management and remove the guesswork from buying decisions, this solution offers a standalone software system that helps small to medium-sized enterprises improve business processes while operating smarter and faster throughout the whole retail environment.

We hope you found this article helpful and informative. Good luck with the POS solution of your choice and let us know how it’s going for you in the comments section below!


Teamwork Retail Review

Teamwork Retail is a point of sale (POS) solution with integrated applications available for customer management. In addition, it provides inventory management, e-commerce and warehouse management.

Finally, is has memberships, business intelligence and time clock. It is cloud-based. The solution allows users to track purchasing and inventory and receive stock over multiple stores from any iOS mobile device, in-store Mac or PC.

Loyalty points can be earned through purchases on location or online. You can gift cards and use them in the store and browse physical inventory of a store online before going on location to make a purchase, and many other things.

Teamwork Retail Pricing

Teamwork Retail does not publish its pricing plans on their website, so you need to get in touch personally to get a quote. From what we were able to find out, similar POS systems can cost between $30-$300 a month for the software and up to three times that (one-time fee) if they include hardware. Potential customers can contact the Teamwork Retail team for pricing details.

Teamwork Retail Features

One of the great things about Teamwork Retail is that they don’t charge any upfront licensing fees and hardware costs. The product is subscription-based and data is stored in the cloud. This solution is suitable for different types and sizes of retailers, from books and toys to clothing and furniture.

Below are the main features:

  • Sales Dashboard
  • Mobile and Cloud-based POS
  • Time Card (Employee Scheduling)
  • Analytics
  • Stock Count (Inventory Management)
  • Offline Capabilities
  • Third-Party Integrations
  • Shopper Display
  • Supplementary Apps for Time Card, Stock Count, and Shipments

Teamwork Retail offers a demo, which can be requested at their website. The apps available from Teamwork Retail include employee scheduling, delivery management, and inventory management. This POS solution works offline as well – being cloud-based – and once the system is back online, it automatically syncs data.

Teamwork Retail Overview

The company has made a video available at its site providing an overall background on the network of apps the company can provide its customers for an improved restaurant management user experience.

Popular Integrations

When choosing a POS solution, it’s crucial that the software integrate with other apps currently used by your business. Below are some of this solution’s popular integrations.

  • MailChimp
  • ShopifyPlus
  • Magento
  • Cayan
  • WooCommerce
  • Bomgar
  • Moneris
  • Heckler Design
  • SnapFulfil
  • FreshAddress
  • Avalara
  • Cisco Meraki

Who Created Teamwork Retail?

Teamwork Retail was developed by OneStep Retail Solution, a medium sized independent software seller headquartered in Glendale, California. The team behind the system has combined experience of almost a century in the technology industry.

Target Users

Teamwork Retail is suitable for retail businesses of all types and sizes selling different types of material and intangible products and services. The cloud-based tool can accommodate a business with multiple outlets and can grow along with the company. It can be used by companies with online stores as well as traditional brick and mortar ones. Over 100,000 stores worldwide use Teamwork Retail. Notable satisfied clients include Fox Retail, Malia Mills and Play N Trade.

Manage your Store from Anywhere

Teamwork Retail allows you to manage your store or franchise via any internet-enabled device irrespective of your location. The tool can accommodate your business needs as your company grows because it is in the form of software as a service. This software makes point of sale services faster and more efficient.

If you go for Teamwork Retail, your inventory management will get more efficient. It has a module to organize distribution and purchasing. It makes it possible to manage individual customers’ complaints and accounts. It is equipped with a comprehensive online retail platform with integrated advertising.

Teamwork Retail is easy to integrate with any major operating system, including mobile ones, because it’s almost universally compatible. It is always on and ready for you to manage your retail business on the go. This comprehensive tool will let you manage each business operation efficiently.

Seamless Integration

You can integrate Teamwork Retail with other tools used by your retail business seamlessly. The software makes it possible to manage online and in-store operations together for maximum productivity. Unfortunately, the site doesn’t offer online customer support directly, and you can’t use the tool or get support in any language but English.

Teamwork Retail Alternatives

Alternatives to this provider are Vend and LightSpeed.

Accessible by Staff

This solution supports mobile device access for both mobile POS units and retail staff. What is more, the product supports customer loyalty programs by offering rewards to be exchanged in member stores. The solution is also able to manage receipt and shipment of products, manage employee along with time and attendance, and support buyers with procurement features to track potential materials for orders.

While the solution offers its own APIs for application integration, ecommerce order fulfillment is provided as well. What is more, the product integrates with video surveillance systems to survey both staff and clients. This is necessary in order to review POS transactions as well as customer service in general.

Niches, in which Teamwork Retail Operates

The following sectors and niches are covered by Teamwork Retail:

  • Retail Inventory Management
  • Retail e-Commerce
  • Retail Merchandise Planning
  • Retail Management POS
  • Retail Inventory POS
  • Retail Warehouse Management
  • Retail Analytics POS
  • Retail Accounting
  • Retail Customer Management
  • Point of sale
  • Jewelry Store POS
  • Retail
  • Specifications

    OneStep’s product serves small, medium, and large businesses. It is supported by desktop, cloud, and mobile platforms and serves cross-business areas. Mac OS, Windows, Linux will work very well with it.


    Below are some extras this system can provide:

    • Coupons
    • Credit Card Processing
    • Bar Code Scanning
    • Customer Management
    • Discounts
    • Customer History
    • Employee Management
    • Exchanges
    • eCommerce
    • Inventory Management
    • Items on Hold
    • Gift Cards
    • Multiple Payment Forms
    • Price Lookup
    • Mobile POS Capability


    Potential users are very interested in the extent, to which this product is scalable. This is only natural as everyone’s idea is for their business to grow and flourish and for their POS system to be able to grow with it. It’s pointless to invest in a system that can’t be scaled. The good news is that Teamwork Retail is highly scalable and customizable. This tool can be easily customized and adjusted to cater to your specific business needs.

    Community Forum

    Can you get access to a community forum for users of this solution? We weren’t able to find one. If there is indeed none, this is a distinct disadvantage because a community forum is the best way to engage users.

    Measuring ROI

    When you’re trying to decide whether to invest in a particular POS solution or not, you’d want to know what the best way to measure the return on investment (ROI) that the solution promises to provide is. You recommend you call Teamwork Retail and inquire into how their business software will improve your ROI and ultimately drive your bottom line.

    Implementing Teamwork Retail

    Who deals with the implementation process of Teamwork Retail? This is a natural question to ask prior to choosing a POS system. Most businesses appreciate quick and smooth implementation. Ask how experienced and qualified the person or persons responsible for handling the implementation process are.

    Data Migration

    How smooth will the data migration be with Teamwork Retail? The company should be able to provide a structured data conversion methodology that will enable smooth migration of your data to the new system if you require it.

    Customer Support

    What support is available as part of Teamwork Retail package or pricing? Contact the software vendor and ask if the price they propose includes support. Get as many details on fees and charges as possible.

    Damage Control

    Software and hardware failure can break a business. On this note, do inquire if Teamwork Retail provides disaster recovery support in the event of software or hardware failure, and how much it will cost. What is the vendor’s policy on disaster recovery? Are any fees applicable for disaster recovery support if a catastrophic hardware failure affects your system?


    How often is the system updated? Indeed, many complaints about this product involve updates. The service provider does notify customers when the upgrades are scheduled, but they are sort of lengthy, and the software is not 100% functional when the upgrades are under way.

    Positive Reviews

    Most of the positive reviews involve the price, quality, and features. Below are several representative comments.

    “Pricing is very approachable. Software offers a lot, which is not at the expense of doing any one thing well.”

    “Teamwork retail is a good POS application where it is cloud based and you can access it by phone.”

    “Tags, start dates”

    “Great for our project management. We heavily depend on software to manage tasks and track time. Teamwork has so far been a great all-around tool to help keep track of projects and divvy up tasks on our team. We had previously been using Basecamp which we found to be hard to use and limited functionality. Migrating to TW has greatly increased our productivity and with it, we can track time more easily.”

    “I like the ease of use that is allowing me to set everything up and follow up with my projects while at the same time letting me notice what I really need in a software.”

    “Reliable, cost effective, easy to use and it tracks sales well.”

    “It is an effective tool to show how to work collectively.”

  • What to Look for in a Retail POS System

    If your software comes with a training video, take the time to watch it. When you start out, customize everything about your business. It may take a while at first, but it is worth it every time after when every function and command is just a click of a button away.

    The most important features of a POS system are comprehensive reporting and high speed. A customer purchase history will tell a shop owner who’s buying what and how much. It will make it possible to set up targeted events by brand among other things. Some POS systems have good “dashboards” offering a full display of your entire business, regardless of how many locations you have. In this department, Teamwork Retail is somewhat lacking.

    Generating reports is of paramount importance, both at regularly scheduled intervals or spontaneously. It would otherwise be impossible to monitor your shop’s performance, identify opportunities for growth and improvement, and pinpoint lagging operations. Make sure the POS system of your choice tracks everything from sales and staff activity to frequency program participation and memberships.

    Work with your vendor to get advice about on-boarding, set realistic goals for the implementation process before jumping in to avoid getting overwhelmed, and take some time to learn the ropes regardless of the system you choose. Last but not least, get to know the support team – you might need them!

    Our Final Say on Teamwork Retail

    Teamwork Retail is a streamlined, yet comprehensive cloud-based store management software designed for retailers with traditional stores and online operations. The features of the product include transaction functionality with management, inventory tracking and reporting, merchandising and distribution management, point of sale operations, customer support and assistance, and e-commerce platform with catalog information displays and in-store advertising.


Lightspeed POS Review

Developed 5 years ago, Lightspeed Retail is currently used by more than 50,000 businesses. It targets mid-sized and larger scale independent businesses and is able to cope with the demands of practically any retailer. It is  offering a host of integrations that can keep your business on the cutting edge.


  • Excellent register functionality
  • Good work order management
  • Onboarding help provided
  • Strong eCommerce platform
  • Robust reporting features


There are several different Lightspeed POS products – OnSite (software that is installed on desktop Mac computers), Lightspeed eCommerce, Restaurant, and Retail.

This review is of Lightspeed Retail.

Recently, the company altered its pricing options slightly. The most popular plan for $99 a month is still available, and comes with a year-long commitment, featuring all of the basics.
The company asks customers to call for a quote and ask about the features. Earlier, add-ons didn’t come cheap and could hike up the overall price of the system fast.

Now, there seem to be some more options if you need things like advanced reporting or eCommerce, making a system that was rather expensive more cost-effective.

The basic package:

  • 1 register
  • Access for up to 5 employees
  • $99/mo (billed annually)
  • Personalized onboarding
  • Omnichannel
  • Secure cloud backup
  • Free updates
  • Basic reporting
  • 24/7 support

Retail also has a 14-day trial you can use to check out the software for yourself.

Lightspeed has updated in the past few years quickly and now offers its own eCommerce platform, thanks to which you can set up and run your own store online. The interface is highly intuitive and quick and customers will appreciate the degree of customization that is available.

A few complaints have been made about Lightspeed’s refusal to eliminate minor bugs in its software, which is surprising given the company’s attention to staying on the cutting edge of trends in the POS world.

Lightspeed may still not be the most cost-effective system on the market, but it has all the features you could imagine. For those looking for good customer support and a one-stop-shopping system, this is a great choice.

Cloud-Based vs. Locally-Installed

Lightspeed Retail is a hybrid system, although it is technically cloud-based, which means data is stored on Lightspeed’s servers and synced over the cloud to your platform. You don’t have to install any programs on your computer because Retail is browser-based.

You can install the Retail POS app on your iOS device. In this case, Lightspeed offers most of the benefits of a locally-installed system without the need for large, expensive hardware or on-site software update issues.

Business Size

Any enterprise size will probably work well with Lightspeed Retail, though the target market appears to be companies that require custom elements and added flexibility or medium-sized enterprises.

The software is appealing to even the biggest retailers thanks to its wealth of features, with functions to support every part of the retail cycle, from selling to ordering and purchasing to stocking as well as extensive staff management and CRM capabilities.

Companies, for which cost is not a major issue might like Lightspeed for its wide array of add-ons and integrations. The system also features a sleek design and regular updates.

If you’re looking for standard features like deep analytics reporting, solid inventory management, and marketing campaign management, as well as the ability to give customers a somewhat more intimate experience and highly customize the software, this POS should be top choice.


Lightspeed Retail is not industry specific – it is adaptable to practically any type of retail industry. It also offers features for selling physical items and services. The software is useful in a variety of settings with the ability to create quotes and estimates, service and repair orders, and define labor costs.

LR is really outstanding in the apparel industry but can meet the needs of virtually any type of retail environment (especially if you have opted for one of the more advanced packages). The scope of register functionality offered really makes this software stand out. This is not readily available with similar POS system providers.


LR offers a desktop POS hardware kit featuring a Lightspeed scanner, an APG cash drawer, a USB receipt printer, and receipt paper. The computer itself is not included. The second bundle is the iPad POS Hardware Kit with a Vault Simplicity Base iPad stand, an APG cash drawer, a Bluetooth socket scanner, receipt paper, and a LAN receipt printer. The iPad itself is not included.

You can buy a peripheral separately if you don’t need a whole bundle. Turn to customer service representatives if you have hardware issues.


This POS system makes efforts to ensure customers understand what they are getting and know best how to use it. A customer success representative will help you set up your store and give you instructions about how to use the system after you’ve purchased it. Both the front- and backend of the software are extremely intuitive.

The initial setup involves a step-by-step process which includes a catalog of products retailers can use to populate their inventory. It is completed in the in-browser software (though you can manage it from your POS).

The management area is organized in a basic, yet superb manner. The creators have grouped all of the functions into categories on the left-hand side. The most visible options are those most commonly used. Lots of POS dashboards hide the most important functions.

Users can begin, continue, or refund a sale with reasonable ease, set a customer display for when they are not at the register, and create special orders.


The system can accept all payment types: credit, cash, check, debit, store credit, and gift card. Store credit is accepted either from established house credit accounts or exchanges. Gift cards and certificates also have a barcode for ease of use and can be reused by changing their balance.

Discounts are applied through the register, and you can hold and pause sales and return to them later or switch to another device. Items can be placed on layaway for customers to pick up at a later date. You can add new and existing customers to a sale directly through the POS interface easily. It’s also easy to perform returns and exchanges.

The POS system makes it possible to transfer inventory between locations and offers full visibility of all inventory from warehouses and stores. You can check to see if another store has the product a client wants.

Intuitive Interface

It’s almost impossible to get anything wrong on the interface. Screen navigation is simple and easy to master with brief training. There are great capabilities of inventory customization, customer tracking, and reporting options, which inevitably lends the software a certain level of complexity.

Processing reporting, for example, is fairly hard, with dozens of compiled reports to choose from. Most POS back-end systems are naturally a bit complicated and anyone with a bit of management experience should be able to learn the ropes quickly.

Integrations and Add-Ons

All pricing tiers include integration with MailChimp, while additional third-party integrations are available as add-ons. Lightspeed Retail integrates with a massive number of companies and chances are Lightspeed will have any feature you’ve heard about. The Add-Ons page includes the following applications and services:

Rental: Integrations with Rental Shop Manager and Bike Rental Manager are offered for retailers needing to rent equipment.

Scheduling: Use Agendrix, NimbleSchedule, Chronogolf, Booxi, or Homebase to track and schedule employee hours online. This allows staff to trade shifts, request time off, and clock in or out from anywhere.

Inventory Management: Stitch Labs, iMerchandise, Nobal Technologies, or SkuVault can handle your inventory management needs.

Email Marketing: Lightspeed offers Mailsync for purposes of email marketing.


Their eCommerce platform is a nice addition to the belt of POS systems. It is a stand-alone, fully functional, integrated, and exclusively online POS system.


Lightspeed Retail’s accounting program can integrate with QuickBooks for Windows, QuickBooks Online, and Xero.

Compatible Credit Card Processors

Lightspeed Retail integrates with Cayan, Vantiv Integrated Payments (Mercury), and iZettle. It was also one of the few companies who became EMV-compliant with a certified terminal by October 1, 2015 as required by law.

Positive Reviews & Testimonials

Lightspeed Retail’s hordes of satisfied customers are pleased with the ease of use, customer service, quick setup, and diverse features among other benefits.

Ease Of Use

A common thread found throughout most positive comments involves how easy Lightspeed Retail is to use and train staff on.

Customer Service

A lot of users are very satisfied with the quality and level of customer service they receive from Lightspeed Retail. Short wait times and helpful, kind representatives are among the benefits.

Fast Setup

Many customers were very happy with the personalized set-up process and found it simple to train their staff even with respect to some of the more complicated aspects of the product.

Strong Feature Set

Many happy users appreciate the fact that the company offers such a large and diverse set of features. They really like the highly customizable, unlimited inventory feature, as well as the matrix feature that makes it possible to organize items with multiple variations.

Technical Support

Premium technical support is part of the service since Retail is priced with a subscription model. The kinds of support available are as follows:

  • Phone support is available 24/7 (excluding holidays)
  • Support page with links to resources
  • Release notes
  • System status page
  • Training videos

Representatives can be contacted via chat from virtually any page on the Lightspeed site from 11 am to 8 pm EST. If no one is available, just leave a message with your email address.


Many users love the choices and the variety of integrations available, especially those who operate smaller businesses.

Negative Reviews

Nobody is perfect, and some users are displeased. Some of the most common complaints involve unresolved glitches, ignored customer requests, excessive abundance of features, and the rather lengthy commitment mandated (a whole year). Here is some more info about these aspects.


Some customers have complained about bugs in the system. Those users report being frustrated when no action seems to come from the developers. On the plus side, they are happy with the responses from Lightspeed’s customer service regarding their complaints.

Ignored Customer Requests

Some people complain that user feature reports and requests regarding system glitches have gone unaddressed in many cases and over long periods of time. Some users report that they would like to see the company get better at fixing and maintaining its existing functions and features before working on adding new functionality and advancement.

Too Advanced Features

A few customers found some of Lightspeed’s offerings to be a bit overwhelming and hard to grasp. For instance, there’s too much to try out on the backend. A few reviewers mention that some of those advanced features lagged from time to time.


Finally, a few reviewers have complained about being stuck in the contract with Lightspeed. Contracts cannot be terminated even if one is unhappy with the services.

We recommend taking the time to make sure Lightspeed works for you and your company before signing a contract, as with any system that requires you to sign one.

Our Last Word on Lightspeed Retail

Lightspeed is one of the most solid, easiest to use solutions on the POS market today. It should be at the top of your list if pricing isn’t a major consideration and you’re looking for a system that will possibly have every option you could imagine in a POS in both the backend and front-end.

We also like the fact that the company has made a commitment to offer users the latest in POS advances with its consistent updates.

This POS alleviates stress with strong customer service and training to get you onboard. We believe getting it is a decision you won’t regret!


Shopify POS Review

Business owners who are looking for a system that allows their employees to complete transactions from just about anywhere should consider Shopify POS.

Shopify POS is a point of sale service offered by Shopify, a well-known eCommerce provider, that is primarily iPad and iPhone-based. The system also works with some Android devices.

The POS application allows business owners to manage their entire online and physical store presence anywhere they go using one platform.

Employees can easily ring up customers and complete other business transactions and inventory management functions in the store or on the road.

Online functionality is available as long as they have access to a web browser and the Internet.

The system is perfect for business owners who manage remote staff, those who are required to travel, or venders who frequent street fairs and other venues.

Merchants must subscribe to Shopify POS in order to take advantage of its full suite of services, including a Star Micronics receipt printer, APG cash drawers, a Socket Mobile barcode scanner, and Shopify’s proprietary card reader which is powered by Swipe, among others.

Shopify POS requires users to purchase a newer iPad version in order for everything to integrate smoothly.

The company does offer all needed hardware via its website to ensure compatibility, so business owners can easily acquire and download this hardware.


Shopify POS allows users to instantly accept payments from multiple channels (i.e., credit cards, online payment systems such PayPal, etc.) without worrying about third-party fees and other restrictions.

No longer will employees need to carry with them paper receipts and manually fill out everything, entering payments at a later time. This ensures important paperwork isn’t lost in transit, transactions are processed successfully, and money is collected on the spot.
All transactions are completed by referencing a preset list of items available for purchase. Items can be scanned in or found via an on-screen search option.

Quick Sale

Users can designate “Quick Sale” items that are always visible on the register screen. Connecting to a wireless Star Micronics printer will allow a user to print custom receipts for customers or customers can be emailed a copy of their receipt.

Customer’s View

Shopify POS is ideal for customers as well. If they are interested making a purchase but decide not to do so on the spot, the user can gather the customer’s contact information and send an email showing the item(s) of interest and including a link to purchase online at a later time.

Users and also redeem loyalty points for customers or ring up an online purchase if an item isn’t physically available in person.

A paid-for item can be marked as unfulfilled if it is in the process of getting delivered (such as with an online purchase) so that the charge won’t go through until delivery. Payments are largely customizable depending on a store’s business needs.

The POS system saves business owners a lot of time that would otherwise be spent tediously processing paperwork. There is no need to back track to make sure debts are properly collected and less chance of error.

Reports can be quickly pulled to view daily sales totals, and by digitizing each step of the process, data and documents are easy to retrieve at a later point.

Shopify POS comes with an intuitive design, making it for all employees to navigate. Time spent learning how to navigate the service is minimal and no formal training is required.

A thorough company customer support system allows any issues to be promptly addressed, and the unified system interface does not require professional expertise to set up and use.

This makes it ideal for a small operation without a dedicated tech department. It also means there will be no business downtime while the integration is in process.

The number of employees who will have access to the Shopify POS service depends on the subscription level chosen, and a business owner can preset controls to restrict access of certain functions as needed. Access levels can be adjusted at any point.

A store’s products can also be categorized by type, season, sale, and more. The smart collections feature will automatically sort products based on vendor, price, and inventory level.

A business owner can easily offer different versions of their products, such as multiple sizes, colors, materials, etc. Each variation can have its own price, SKU, weight, and inventory within Shopify POS. Barcodes are quickly and easily scanned into the system and items are tallied. Sales taxes will be added depending on the specified location of the company.

All inventory processes are available in the cloud, so a user can easily track when certain items are low and know when to reorder. Comprehensive reports and analytics allow for quick viewing of various operations, so business decisions can be made.

The web-based service also provides users with a wide range of templates that can be customized to meet individual branding requirements. Those familiar with HTML and CSS can put their skills to good use by editing both and enjoying extensive control over template design. Both digital or physical goods can be sold using the system, making Shopify POS an ideal service for just about any type of company.

Other features include the ability to track the sales numbers across multiple locations, track a location’s cash float, and end-of-the-day reconciliation. The software allows for more than one shop, letting a user track the float made through the day. There is also an option to accept two or more payment types in a single transaction (for example, credit card and cash, or multiple credit cards). Partial payments, such as deposits or layaways, can also be accepted for any order. Shopify POS can also come equipped with a WiFi camera security system called Nest Cam.

A customer’s complete order history is available for any orders made in store and online, searching by customer, product, or date. Since customer profiles are automatically created when they first make a purchase, a business owner can track the number of visits, purchases, and shopping habits.

This information can be used for mailings with coupons and other discount options or notices. If a business collects email addresses at checkout, customers can be automatically notified of upcoming sales or new products with Shopify’s email marketing apps, enticing them to make purchases either online or in the store.

Shopify POS allows for a variety of discounts to be applied depending on a business’s customer base.

Some standard rule-based discounts available include unlimited time- and usage-based discounts for frequent buyer, senior, or military discounts; limited time only discounts for limited time promotions; limited quantity discounts for first come, first serve door crasher sales; minimum purchase-based discounts for increasing a store’s average order value; and customer group specific discounts for exclusive/VIP or loyalty programs. BOGO sales and wholesale pricing can also be offered.

Tips for Shopify POS allows customers to offer immediate feedback during their visit. The feature’s makes it simple for customers to leave just the right amount of gratuity.

The feature is integrated right into the checkout process, so customers can add a tip as a percentage of their purchase or leave a set dollar amount.

Shopify recommends that brick-and-mortar stores use iPads along with the necessary hardware while those selling at fairs, pop-up shops, and other in-person, on the road events can use card readers along with either Android-based phones or iPhones.

The system works well with iPhone 5 or better running iOS 9.3 or higher; Generation 2 or better iPad running iOS 9.3 or higher; any generation iPad mini running iOS 9.3 or higher; and Android devices running version 5.0 (Lollipop) or higher.


There are five Shopify subscription pricing plans from which one can choose. These include ‘Basic Shopify’ at $29 per month; ‘Shopify’ at $79 per month.

Advanced Shopify
Advanced Shopify’ at $299 per month; and ‘Shopify Plus,’ for which fees are negotiable, but generally fall within a $2000 per month range depending on the size of the business and specific usage expectations.

Because larger enterprises often have unique requests, it is best to speak directly with Shopify and receive a quote for the specific services needed. The price will vary.

Shopify Lite
‘Shopify Lite’ allows users to sell an unlimited number of goods and manage inventory via an established Facebook page or a physical location.

Users are also given access to Shopify’s Buy Button, which allows for the sale of goods an existing website or blog page.

This button acts similarly to PayPal’s Buy It Now feature. The Lite version does not allow users to operate a fully functioning online storefront, but rather, allows the user to integrate limited functionality into their already existing operation.

More advanced features are available as one moves up the price scale. Professional reporting functionality and a gift card option is only available on the $79 Shopify plans and higher.

Advanced Reporting

Advanced reporting tools and the ability to create customized reports are only provided on the Advanced and Shopify Plus plans, and real time carrier shipping is a feature unique to the Advanced Shopify plan.

Shopify Plus offers additional options regarding security, APIs and fulfilment. This is the best option for those who need a more complex POS system.

A business owner is allowed up to two accounts on the Basic Shopify plan, five on the Shopify plan and fifteen on the Advanced Shopify plan.

These accounts allow an owner to have access while offering accessing to team members. The owner can set different permission levels, allowing sensitive data to be restricted as needed.

Pros of Shopify POS

Low Processing Fees
Reviews indicate Shopify POS credit card fees are the lowest on the market.

Custom Payment Options

If a user is running Shopify POS on an iPad, custom payment options can be created within the app such as cash, debit, or IOU. Any payment options enabled will also be available in Shopify POS for iPhone. If a user is running Shopify POS for Android, the Swipe (audio-jack) card reader must be used.

Easy Integration

Many customers have noted that everything syncs with ease. The ease of use is largely unmatched in the industry. Shopify POS can be installed on an unlimited number of devices without customers being charged extra fees.

Easy Refunds

Shopify POS for iPad includes an app to refund a purchase, as long as the purchase was made on Shopify POS. With Shopify POS for iPhone or Android, a user can refund an order from the Shopify admin or the Shopify app.

System Simplicity

The Shopify POS system is simple enough to install and use with limited training. No formal training is necessary. This allows for operations to continue while it is being integrated.

Top-notch Design

The number of available options is unmatched compared with competing systems, which is preferred even if there is an additional cost for specific features.


Sole proprietorships and other small operations won’t need to pay hefty fees to use the Shopify POS service.

There is a large range of pricing and available features, making it ease to select the right subscription service for a company’s specific needs.

Large Customer Base

Shopify has a large market reach which means the POS system is much less likely to become obsolete than others with more limited reach.

Customers do not have to worry about getting dropped unexpectedly and having to put business operations on hold in order to switch to another supplier.

Cons of Shopify Point of Sale System


Many users have reported that there were bugs or errors during use. For instance, there is no limit to the number of products that one can create, but there is a limit to the number of products that can be in a store’s catalog before your POS device might start to experience performance issues.

A user will begin to receive error messages if too many products are entered at once. However, Shopify has an accessible customer support team available 24/7 to quickly resolve issues, so often these are fixed in a timely manner.

Weak Offline Functionality

The system reportedly has a weak offline mode, which makes it difficult to process credit card payments during an Internet outage.

Less than Ideal Inventory Features

The inventory functionality does not include automatic alerts for low stock, which is the subject of many customer complaints. Users have also reported it is difficult to apply a storewide discount, which has to be done manually. This gets especially tedious if there are a number of items on sale at once.

Additional Fees

Staff accounts, staff sales tracking, and hardware integrations all come with an additional cost, and some customers feel that these necessary features should be included in all packages without having to pay extra for them.

The Shopify POS includes a free “chip and swipe” credit and debit card reader. However, a contactless “tap” reader, such as Android Pay and Apple Pay, costs $89.

Analytics Features Lacking

Some reviews indicate that the reports offered are too basic, and that competing systems offer much more in-depth reporting functionality.


It is important for a business owner to choose a POS system that best fits his or her organization. The system must be able to provide functionality that supports relevant to day-to-day business operations.

The overall cost, features, and the ease of a system’s integration into existing practices should all be considered. Having an appropriate budget in place is key. Trial versions are often available for hands-on testing and online reviews will reveal the pros and cons of each from real customers who have experience using POS.

Shopify POS is a widely used system that comes with a variety of package options, so an owner can custom-fit their purchase to the needs of his or her business. This means small and large operations alike can take advantage of what the product has to offer.

The large market reach Shopify has established means that the system is less likely to become obsolete or be pulled from the market unexpectedly, making the POS system more reliable than others with more limited reach.

Shopify POS allows users to manage their entire online and physical store business using a unified platform. This means items can be sold from a brick-and-mortar location, from multiple physical locations, or from pop-up shops, events, or other traveling and temporary storefronts. Items can also be sold via blogs or social media.

Users can offer customers refunds and exchanges, gift cards, store credit, discounts, loyalty point redemption, or the ability to make online purchases even when items are not on site. There is also an option to charge the customer’s payment source only once the item has shipped.

These advanced POS options make Shopify especially user-friendly. The company’s accessible 24/7 customer support team is also readily available to help as needed.

It is important to do some homework prior to committing to a particular POS system or version of Shopify POS, and to understand how the choice will add value for a user’s unique business.

There is a wide variety of functionality available in the Shopify POS system which makes it fairly simple to tailor fit features, choosing only those that are necessary. This is what makes the Shopify a top player in the POS space.


Shopkeep POS Review

ShopKeep is a simple, yet sophisticated POS system targeting small businesses, which has carved out a niche catering to food and drink vendors.However, most retailers will feel comfortable with this iPad POS system.

ShopKeep offers great value for money, albeit recently having changed its flat-rate pricing to a quote system.You’ll need to talk to a representative and let them know exactly what your retail store needs to do with the software before getting a quote.

ShopKeep POS System Features

Hybrid Setup

This POS is both cloud-based and locally installed. The app syncs data back to the cloud when there is an internet connection and runs locally from an iPad.In the event of an outage, the app continues to run with all features with the exception of integrated credit card transactions. This can be resolved by setting up a backup hotspot router or by operating the application on iPads with cellular data plans.


ShopKeep is a pay-as-you-go, no-contract, monthly subscription service. The company’s software can be purchased exclusively via a quote system. That process is fairly straighforward. You can either answer a few simple questions online or call, and a representative will get in touch with you quickly.

Even with the new system, ShopKeep won’t cost more than the fairly reasonable $69 per month (earlier) for a basic package. The complete point of sale system comes with real-time analytics, a register, employee management, inventory management, unlimited users, free support, and unlimited inventory items.

Specific Size Of Business

ShopKeep is perfect for small to average-sized businesses. A large retailer wouldn’t need it though it can handle multiple locations. This is by design, and the company has done well to stay in this niche. Shopkeep continues to expand what it can run in the back office, now enabling an unlimited number of users and unlimited inventory, but the back office functions and interface don’t attempt to be a large-scale replacement.

The continued lack of table mapping makes it a poor choice for larger full-service restaurants even though it features tableside ordering functionality. The iPad register can only accommodate up to 270 item buttons. You’ll need to ring up the rest of your inventory by barcode scanner or manual search.

Best for Small Specialty Retailers

ShopKeep is perfect for small specialty vendors, such as specialty food, wine shops, toy stores, gift shops, bakeries, concession stands, cafeterias, and mall kiosks.It is also well-designed for use in food service facilities like small cafes, coffee shops, ice cream shops, and food trucks.Since ShopKeep recently introduced open check and server-less syncing, smaller full-service restaurants might also find it to be a good fit. Simply said, you open a check on one iPad and close it on another.

Hardware and OS Requirements

To run ShopKeep, you need iOS 8.2 or higher. It is compatible with iPad minis and iPads. The company has an online hardware shop. You don’t need to buy your hardware through ShopKeep, but you have to buy the brands and models supported by the company.

Peripheral compatibility with the iPad can get very complex so it’s best to work with what you know. ShopKeep does offer a few sets, ranging from a starter kit with a cash drawer, an iPad stand, receipt printer and card swipe to kits targeting retail or quick serve establishments. Most are relatively affordable (around $1000).


Shopkeep is a warm and intuitive system. The visual design of the iPad app is elegant and modern, with exciting animated flourishes. The buttons come with sound effects – and a mute option for those who’re less than thrilled by this feature. The system is fun to use, and it is never a problem to find even the most rarely used of functions.

ShopKeep also does a great job of listening to its clients and regularly updates its design to fix bugs and make it easier to use. It also aims to give customers more autonomy with updates that enable users to hide various functions or buttons or move others that are used more often.

The system shows you how to add inventory (by CSV mass import or on an item-by-item basis) and how to add buttons on your iPad register. To learn the ropes, it’s enough to simply explore the different menu options. Once set up, you will do all your employee time tracking, reporting, and inventory receiving on the web platform.

Beyond the scope of this, most user interactions are with the iPad app. You can access a handful of managerial actions from the iPad in addition to the register functions.

Back Office

This is the most feature-rich aspect. Again, large retailers may find that it fails to meet their requirements in some areas, but a small retailer that operates one register will be getting some relatively advanced tools at an affordable price. The same is true for retail outlets with more than one register. You get access to a system that manages your customers, inventory, and your employees’ time, offers a variety of reporting options for data analysis, keeps a record of all your transactions, and provides unlimited technical support by live chat and email for a low cost of entry.


The register has complex capabilities, which include adding modifiers, ringing up items, splitting tenders, taking payments, easy returns and refunds, and quick discounting (item and order level). As mentioned earlier, the in-app functionality doesn’t require any additional training or expertise. Setting up your iPad button layout is straightforward. This process is managed from your back office.


ShopKeep features an extensive reporting suite. Recently, the company added sales by customer reporting, average cost reporting, and sales by discount reporting to the mix. Updated reports can also be printed out straight from the register.

Inventory Management

The inventory functionality, in particular, merits special mention because it goes above and beyond what you’d expect from an item targeting small businesses. Apart from setting reorder points and using a reporting function to designate what, where, and how much to order any low stock item, you can keep track of the quantities of each item.

One of the company’s recent updates involves a matrix inventory feature, which is very important for most retailers. Customers can now create a parent item and then add all the different versions and view it all on one page. What is more, ShopKeep can inventory items as raw goods, after which it can create assemblies on the basis of this information.

This option offers great value to food service providers who need to manage inventory ingredients, but could also be helpful in a retail setting where items are bundled together. For instance, a diner needs to know the amounts of each ingredient in a patty melt: the patty, the cheese, the rye bread, and the onions. A cook isn’t keeping track of how many patty melts are available.

Tax Rates

Until recently, it was impossible to set different tax rates with this system. Now you can assign special tax rates to specific items with the new Tax Groups feature, in addition to being able to set a default tax rate for your merchandise.

The Pocket App

Available for iOS and Android, the ShopKeep Pocket App now lets you keep track of how your business is doing no matter where you are.


ShopKeep is trying to expand its multi-location capability in the near future. One of their recent updates includes the option to view all your stores on one main website. You can view each store by clicking a drop-down box. The dashboard overview gives you a comprehensive view of your separate locations.

Integrations & Add-Ons

Currently, ShopKeep integrates with QuickBooks Online, MailChimp, BigCommerce, and AppCard among others. Integration with QuickBooks Online costs you $15/month. The ability to integrate directly with your accounting software saves a lot of effort and time.

Some POS systems offer in-house email marketing, but vital features that only dedicated ESPs like MailChimp can provide are missing. ShopKeep bypasses this issue by partnering with a third-party.

BigCommerce is a new and very welcome eCommerce addition to the POS system. It only costs an additional $15/month, but will finally let you set up an online store. You can painlessly transfer your inventory over to your BigCommerce account if you’ve already set up a ShopKeep account.

AppCard is an integrated loyalty program featuring impressive reporting, personalized offers, and syncs with your ShopKeep sales data.

Finally, the POS system recently acquired ChowBot, an online order and delivery system, adding that option for companies to increase sales.

ShopKeep’s gift card integration syncs to its app seamlessly, making it simple to create and process cards as an added way to increase profits.

Customer Management

The POS system can print email receipts, helping businesses keep track of their customers for promotions down the road.

Customer Service and Support

A lot of customers are happy with ShopKeep’s customer service, saying it owes much of its success to its being a customer-centered operation. This company is the proud three-time (in a row) winner of the Bronze Stevie Award for sales and customer service.

Unlimited 24/7 support by web inquiry, live chat, text, and email is included in the monthly price. This is a great benefit when compared to other similar, low-cost POS options.

Compatible Credit Card Processors

A number of integration options for card processors are offered even though the company favors its own payment solution, ShopKeep Payments. You’re sure to be able to keep the processor you’re using or find a more suitable one. ShopKeep recommends checking if your processor is supported by getting in touch directly.

Negative Reviews & Complaints

Of the relatively few negative comments that exist about ShopKeep online, most are related to customer service. Customers converge on the opinion that customer service is great at the beginning, but its quality starts to deteriorate thereafter. They report being switched back and forth from person to person and having to wait a really long time.

Some people even claim customer service representatives were rude to them. A lot of people say that ShopKeep can take a long time responding and needs constant reminding when it comes to more complex issues. On the plus side, the company is easy to get in touch with initially.

Connection Issues

A few comments contain complaints that the system updates at odd, inconvenient times, which can cause connectivity problems. Some reviews claim that the card processor was always slow or didn’t connect and were unhappy with ShopKeep’s offline functionality in general.

Bugs & Issues

Several users have complained of issues like bugs in the system, particularly when it comes to inventory management. Some have had issues with unreliable hardware. Any efforts these customers made to have the problem solved were allegedly ignored or simply not dealt with properly by ShopKeep.

Positive Reviews & Testimonials

Even people who find issues with elements of ShopKeep will gladly share that they were very happy with the overall product, especially in terms of customer service. A lot of happy small businesses in the US are currently using the software. You can read some testimonials on the ShopKeep website for more info.

We have discerned the following trends in terms of positive comments:

Good Customer Service

Many users are happy with the level of support they get and pleased with the fact that it is offered 24/7.

Ease Of Use

A lot of customers write that ShopKeep is extremely easy to train staff on and use.


ShopKeep is reasonably priced, especially for the level of features that it offers.

Our Final Say on ShopKeep POS

This POS system continues to make updates and impress with new feature additions, including EMV transactions, an integration with BigCommerce, several updates to the reporting suite, and matrix inventory.

The company is currently working on producing table mapping in future updates, which we find is a definite plus. We’d certainly recommend this system.


Openbravo POS Review

Openbravo is a cloud-based, on-premise solution that includes functionalities such as CRM, financials, inventory management, warehouse, and procurement.

It gives access to sales information that helps users calculate staff commissions for salespersons. It also integrates with payroll or attendance solutions to calculate labor costs and hours.

Main Features

Customers can setup accounting for users, vendors, payment methods, products, or specific events such as cash differences or cash movements at POS. Transaction level data can be passed on to accounts receivable, general accounting, and accounts payable modules automatically.

Openbravo manages information in production cycle from modeling process plans to cost, work-in-process, and quality management. The system allows users to define input and output products and quantities for each operation including semi-finished products, finished products, or raw materials.

Openbravo caters to multiple industries including professional services, distribution, food and beverages, manufacturing, and more. Support is provided via phone and email.

Tableside Ordering

This system’s tableside ordering features maximize table turnover. What is more, the guest experience is better than ever. Here are some other tableside ordering functions:

  • Take orders from mobile devices
  • Serve table, bar or take-away orders
  • Check table status and size
  • Simplify communication to the kitchen
  • Visibility of the status of the preparation
  • Update inventory automatically
  • Support a variety of payment methods
  • Offer product customization at POS


Openbravo’s flexible combo functionality lets you configure a practically endless number of combos based on different product families, such as beverages and main courses. You can set up the products and quantities to order for each family to fulfill the combo. You can also order a combo directly or let the system automatically detect combos based on products the customer has ordered.

Menu Management

Here’s a brief overview of menu management features:

  • Easy to use functionality
  • Manage ingredients, recipes and recipe versions
  • Enable or disable menu categories as per product availability
  • Make menu changes in the back office available across restaurants in minutes
  • Configure substitution products, optional or mandatory elements

Security and Fraud Control

No matter how many restaurants and terminals you have, this system lets you increase operational control and prevent fraud in your point of sale execution and cash-handling operations. You can enhance control with a sophisticated set of manager approvals, staff POS permissions, and audit information in the back office.

In addition, users of Openbravo POS can:

  • Gain detailed control of all deposits and withdrawals including reason codes for each entry
  • Control cash differences during all opening and closing activities in each terminal
  • A proven technology platform that lies at the heart of all Openbravo solutions
  • Control the status of all restaurants and terminals in real-time from the back office

Openbravo is a mobile, modular, cloud-ready platform providing the key set of technologies that allow you to extend your Openbravo solution to develop completely new, innovative, and different enterprise applications or adapt it to your existing needs.

Order to Cash

This process often poses significant challenges to ERP because it involves multiple departments. Seldom can it be implemented as a one-size-fits-all process across the whole company. This is most often due to differences by unit, geography, and even individual customer.

Openbravo offers maximum flexibility to adapt and configure various order-to-cash sub-processes, enabling reduced DSO and error rates, increased customer satisfaction and more effective management of working capital.

With Openbravo, you can document and expedite exceptions with Facebook-style, in context notes and attachments that can be linked to any order, shipment or invoice document or line.

The consignment sales module makes it possible to manage inventory at customer locations easily. This way, you invoice your customers only when they actually buy a product. There is a single database with automatic posting to financials, making sure that accounting and operations are always in sync as activities are tracked.

Order and Alert Management

The integrated alert management system detects and informs your team of issues like low stock levels, shipping delays, or late payments.

You get full support for multi-store consumer sales with Openbravo for retail tablet-optimized web POS module. Moreover, the system supports global order management through multi-currency and multi-lingual support.

Finally, all Openbravo data objects (orders, customers, invoices, shipments) include a unique link that can be easily copied and pasted via IM, email, and more. This is to ensure collaboration is streamlined and order-to-cash performance is improved.

User Interface

It is easy to extend your user interface with new tabs, windows, and fields without any need for manual developments, which enables higher quality and faster development. You can also create windows manually to cover your most specific user interface requirements.

Multitasking in Real Time

This system enables end users to be more productive by working simultaneously with documents on different tabs or multiple transactions. If you’ve started to register a new sales order and you notice your customer hasn’t been created after entering some data (happens all the time), just navigate directly from the customer field to the customer form in a new tab. Here, create your customer and use it in your sales document.

Customizable Workspace and Widgets

Users can access all recently visited windows and documents from an easily customizable portal-style homepage. They can administer the available widgets here too. Widgets are user interface elements that are either part of a generated window or are placed in a user’s workspace tab.

You can use them to display a wide range of different information ranging from dynamic database data in list form to static content and custom html content.


Users can perform order taking and other time-critical tasks with an editable grid akin to a spreadsheet. It is very easy to learn how to use it. You have advanced grid functionality like records grouping, column sorting, sizing, and freezing, adding formula and summary columns, or exporting grid content to a spreadsheet.


It’s possible to facilitate data navigation with powerful tree navigation capabilities through hierarchical data structures. The system’s flexible interface enables end users to personalize application windows without technical assistance, breaking the rigidity of traditional business management solutions. Forms personalization lets users change the form layout including the capacity to assign fields to the status bar of the form, change the order and visibility of fields, or set the field that will get the first focus.

Grid customization lets you choose hidden or shown columns, filter and sort data, and set column size and position. Your window customization can be saved as a view that you can set as the default to apply when the window is visited again once you have finished.


International operations become a breeze thanks to full multi-language capability. You can install translation modules to enable you to use the system in different languages.

Keyboard Shortcuts and User Messages

Full hotkeys are supported, thanks to which you can optimize repetitive tasks without a need to move your hands away from the keyboard. User messages inform about certain events in the application.


The system provides secure access through HTTPS. By centralizing user authentication, a single password per user is allowed. This is highly convenient. With other systems, you need a different password for each app.

Modification Tracking

Openbravo offers accurate data modification tracking with basic information about who created or modified data. Audit trail provides more advanced functionality. This feature offers a stronger, more flexible tracking of changes like changed or deleted rows or changed fields with old value and new value.

Functional and Data Security

By setting up users and their roles properly, you enjoy the functional security to manage access rights to entities such as windows and processes. Data security features manage access rights to subsets of data within aspects like Windows and Processes. This is possible by setting up the user access level and the data access layer at a table level.

Orchestrate Business Processes

By creating workflows through an embedded BPM engine (activity), you gain greater flexibility to model your processes. You can use forms, windows, or processes as workflow steps and create business events to trigger a workflow.

Import and Export Data Tools

It is simple to import the data of several entities like price lists, products, financial accounts, payments, business partners, assets, standard cost, journal entries, stock or projects with existing import data tools. Export data from the grid, widgets or specific processes created.

Positive Testimonials

Here’s what real, satisfied users are saying:

“It is the most feasible option for the billing and inventory system. You do not need training to learn how to use it efficiently.”

“It is great, truly a very useful and reliable tool, its management of reports added to its comfortable and intuitive interface makes it unnecessary to train much of it. The billing system is user friendly.”

“Openbravo is a perfect fit for most of the Retail Business. It integrates all the platforms namely Online, Offline & Mobile to provide a seamless experience to the end user. We have partnered with Exceloid – A Consulting company, highly specialized in Openbravo technologies has customized the ERP for our Retail & Apparel Business.”

“We worked implementing this software for a very well known and established fashion brand in Mexico, giving impressive results.”

“Such easy deployment, intuitive UI, and amazing value for money.”

“Operating our company in a very easy but effective way and for a very reasonable price.”

“State of the art technology, offline-resistant, intuitive user-interface, lean master data management.”

“I helped one customer to select an ERP to replace their old home-developed one. The alternatives included mostly commercial suites such as Microsoft Navision. Although the customer was initially reluctant to use an open source product, they changed their mind when they saw other running settings, the professional support services available from Openbravo and their partners and the big flexibility of the product. It is a product with hundreds of existing customers all around the world and with a big community of developers supporting it.”

“Powerful and flexible, professional documentation and support. Open source allows total customization.”

“Openbravo is undoubtedly the best product in the market, it has fastest sync rate between ERP and POS Terminal. It has complete Omni-Channel concept and works on any device. Companies can make all stores server free with this.”

Negative Comments and Complaints

One user commented that the system did not present errors as such, but more customization options are needed. This would help the user to work more efficiently. Here’s what other people are complaining about:

“I would like you to have the option to change the colors of the system, so the user can choose how the system should look.”

“The UI is somewhat not so attractive when compared to other ERPs. Though this can be customized to some extent, nothing like a stock UI redesign.”

“Sometimes it gets hard to get used to the Software UI, however, there is a great way to improve and add new functionalities.”

“Functional footprint is still growing, but fast. Best would be to couple it with your legacy financial system so that any local fiscal/legal requirement is covered. They do have already several connectors to different legacy systems.”

“Not so well-known as other ERP so customers often prefer to be on the safe side.”

Supported Operating Systems

Openbravo supports Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac OS, Linux, HP-UX, AIX, Solaris, Unix, Windows 2000, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

Our Final Say

Openbravo has embraced the Open Innovation model, developing its products and services both externally and internally to make sure they keep evolving. The Openbravo ecosystem has played a crucial role in achieving this effect.

It has also given users the opportunity to take advantage of improved open source web business applications characterized by high performance, a wealth of features, and high functionality.

Finally, users can extend and modularize verticals and functional integrations and extensions, keeping the product constantly up-to-date.


Liquor POS – Complete Review Of Liquor Store POS System

With Liquor POS, you can make your time more gainful, your printed material more reasonable and your business more fruitful. Liquor POS gives a suite of utilizations that incorporates a point of sale (POS), stock control, client administration, revealing and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. The arrangement can oversee Liquor stores of numerous sizes.

Liquor POS in like manner outfits retailers with a database that joins things and terms that are standard to the business. Clients don’t need to physically include items in a store. The framework contains many inherent beverage receipts layouts that enable clients to support the offer of extra blenders or frill.

Liquor POS incorporates fundamental POS capacities and backings most standard POS peripherals. The arrangement enables clients to sweep or swipe driver’s licenses at the business screen for moment age check.

Future-Proof Retail POS Systems Designed for Today’s — and Tomorrow’s — Businesses

Our industry information and many years of experience are reflected in our POS frameworks

It has a joined credit card taking care of, motorized and manual refunds for single and amassed things and process stores on arrangements and returns. Clients can remunerate the clients with continuous purchaser markdown programs. Support is given through email and telephone.

Reasons To Change Your POS System To Liquor POS

The point of sale, revealing and administration elements of the product framework would all be able to be altered in manners that will make your time more gainful, your printed material more reasonable and your business more effective.

Mechanizing your business is one of the biggest single speculations you make as a retail location proprietor. We’d get a kick out of the chance to enable you to see exactly how quick you can start setting aside extra cash (and time) while expanding your benefits.

Point of Sale—Maximize Sales, Maximize Profits.

Liquor stores, similar to any retailer, require programming with a simple to-utilize point of sale interface that velocities clients through and gives every vital deal capacity. Liquor retailers do, in any case, have various unique necessities. Liquor POS covers those general capacities and is stuffed with additional highlights only for Liquor retailers.

  1. Simple access to item data. Never again hurried to check a cost. It’s everything there at the enroll—estimating, amount and store data.
  2. Compass or swipe driver’s licenses at the business screen for minute age affirmation.
  3. Composed credit card handling.
  4. Robotized and manual rebates for single and assembled things.
  5. Process stores on deals (counting barrels) and store returns.
  6. Multi-pack things. Other point of sale bundles experience difficulty when managing wine and brew. With Liquor POS, be that as it may, you’re offering a thing (case, six-pack, 30-pack or single) and the product can deal with everything, keeping your stock exact.
  7. Point by point, adjustable receipts.

Client Management—Recognize Special Customers and Keep Them Coming Back for More!

Liquor POS furnishes you with the instruments you have to improve your association with your clients. Track deals to singular clients or to gatherings of clients, and even by postal division.

Reward your best clients with successive purchaser markdown programs.

House accounts finish with inclinations, and exhaustive month to month charging articulations improve consumer loyalty.

Buy history following causes you center your business endeavors.

Customized bar-coded client cards empower programmed preparing of pre-approved rebates.

Announcing—Sales Tracking on Demand. With Knowledge Comes Power!

Liquor POS® is a total announcing bundle that furnishes you with the data you have to take advantage of your business. Drink retailers have differing items extending from lager, wine and Liquor to tidbits and lottery tickets. Discover what your best dealers are and what isn’t doing as such well.

Track deals by thing, mark, type, division, merchant or date.

Access expenses and net revenues in a flash.

Track jug, barrel and tap stores.

Report worker deals execution.

Stock Tracking—Fully Automated Inventory Control. Never a Day Late—or a Dollar Short!

Keeping an exact stock is constantly a standout amongst the most difficult parts of maintaining a retail business. Liquor POS makes this procedure programmed so you generally comprehend what you have available and what you may need to arrange.

Standardized tag checking of producers’ UPC codes guarantees exact handling.

Interminable stock consequently refreshed with every deal and conveyance.

Effectively distinguish disparities to diminish shrinkage.

Different capacities for gathering and entering stock tallies.

Reorder reports take out shocks.

Security—Embedded, Multi-Layered Security. Ensuring Your Interests 24 Hours every Day!

Liquor stores require a more noteworthy level of security than your normal retailer. With Liquor POS, you can be happy with knowing your business framework is as secure as could be expected under the circumstances.

Adaptable security levels; select capacities and information confined to approved workers.

Deals followed by station or representative.

Voids, alters, cancellations and rebates time-stepped and followed by representative.

Item altering followed by worker, guaranteeing all out responsibility.

Liquor POS spares time, gives significant experiences, and helps check shrinkage.

Streamlined Business Processes: Liquor POS computerizes undertakings to make everyday activities more reasonable — regardless of whether you work one area or a multistore chain — sparing you time and cash.

More prominent Visibility for Smarter Management: Our revealing component gives the information investigation you have to track deals, expenses and benefits, and worker execution.

Employee Accountability: Liquor POS limits retail shrinkage with adaptable security levels, reports of offers, voids, and cancellations followed by worker.

Liquor POS Features:

POS programming particularly intended for your application. Liquor POS is cutting edge, highlight rich Liquor store point of sale (POS) programming that gives your business the majority of the devices and exceptional capacities you have to flourish in the market. Liquor POS enables you to effectively alter, arrange, and get items; oversee receivables; and deliver reports.

We additionally enable you to deal with your workforce: Training new contracts is simple with our instinctive framework, and any representative who knows about Windows will rapidly come to see how the product capacities.

We likewise make utilizing Liquor POS straightforward. For instance, Liquor POS clients can move up to our most recent Windows form specifically from your current program, with no time squandered reemerging information.

Access to Product Information: Price, stock, and store data is only a couple of taps away. No additional tedious ventures through menus and stock records to discover the records you have to refresh. Find each record and field you need to alter with only a couple of snaps.

Adaptable Tax Setup: Liquor POS can be tweaked to fit in with neighborhood impose laws and adjusted to reflect future changes. The framework can deal with up to four individual duty rates, and additionally level and table-based assessments. It likewise suits compound assessment and applies expenses to stores.

Simple Promotion Planning: With Liquor POS, you don’t need to pull up individual things on a rundown to design productive advancements. Label things from your item list, and the framework can naturally stack things you tag, leaving space for you enter the fitting deal data.

Weighted Item Price Calculations: Liquor POS will figure the cost of things sold by the ounce or pound, for example, gourmet cheddar, espresso or shop things, in light of their weight. You can likewise utilize a coordinated scale and print standardized tag value names.

Age Verification: Scan a driver’s permit utilizing a Honeywell Xenon 1900 or HP 4430 standardized tag scanner to rapidly and precisely check age.

Coordinated Credit Card Processing: Save time lessen mistakes via consequently entering card installment information into your bookkeeping or ERP arrangement.

Adaptable Discounting Options: Discount single or assembled things physically or consequently.

Process Deposits: Manage stores with deals and returns.

Simple Group Edit: Liquor POS’ Group Edit include enables you to assemble things together and roll out important improvements to sections in the meantime. To secure your information, you can actuate this component on just a single POS station. In case of a blunder, just fix the last gathering alter performed.

Completely Loaded Frequent Buyer Program: Our Liquor store POS enables you to compensate clients with rebates dependent on the volume. For each buy, clients get a predefined number of focuses they can apply to rebates on future buys.

Photograph Enhanced Records: Our Liquor store POS gives you a chance to add pictures to your item, client, worker, or merchant records, making it less demanding to answer inquiries from clients asking about a specific item. This additionally causes you effortlessly distinguish the general population you work with.

Abundant Gift Certificate and Gift Card Options: Create and track blessing declarations for your clients. You can utilize preprinted shapes, have the framework make a blessing endorsement on your receipt printer, or utilize gift vouchers from an incorporated processor. This imaginative liquor store POS highlight can likewise create a report showing all open blessing declarations.

General Ledger Merge: Liquor POS limits general record information reentry and mistakes by making an interface document for downloading fundamental data from your finish of-day to your QuickBooks or Peachtree bookkeeping programming. Data stays in the record until the point that you transfer it into your bookkeeping bundle.

Bother Free Cash Drops: Liquor POS makes it conceivable to expel abundance money from your money drawers while as yet following the stream of money through the finish of day. Our liquor store POS can produce at least two duplicates of the receipt for a money drop so you can without much of a stretch watch your money.

Check Cashing Your Way: Liquor POS offers the choice to set up rate, level rate, or table-based registration charges. You can likewise pick how charges will be surveyed when clients trade looks at your store.

Multipack Items: Sell by the case, six-pack, or single — Liquor POS will stay up with the latest.

Adaptable Receipts: Add a 400×100-pixel logo and add a custom message to the receipt pennant or base.

Buy Orders: Automatically produce buy orders when stock falls underneath a preset level.

Venture Reporting and Management: Liquor POS enables you to audit writes about a particular area or for your business all in all to enable you to nearly screen your business.

Focal points of Liquor POS:

Basic Transactions

With a simple to-utilize POS framework, liquor store proprietors and administrators can just enter evaluating dependent on single, multi-pack, and cases to consequently ring up the client’s organization without physically entering estimating.

This likewise enables representatives to naturally incorporate rebates or coupons dependent on things sold, or the classification of things. For non-readable things, clients can make quick, preset lift keys to ring up famous things.


Stock Management

Point of sale frameworks permit Liquor store representatives to utilize stock administration includes on single or multi-store areas, and gives different techniques to including, altering, and checking stock. Print standardized tag names while accepting new stock, and let the POS track deals when filtering or entering things for registration so you know when you start to run low on particular things.

Representative Scheduling 

Easily utilize your POS framework to track worker’s check in and check out occasions, and track deals by office, store, and different date/time ranges. Store proprietors can utilize this data to finish up which representatives are offering the most items, and which workers require additionally preparing.

This data can likewise be utilized to track when your store is getting the most activity so you can plan an additional clerk for those occasions, and keep the lines moving.

Oversee Reports

With a completely coordinated point of sale, liquor store proprietors can without much of a stretch run reports to screen rebates and discounts, and track deals by thing, brand, sort, or date/time obtained.

Store administration can likewise increase moment access to stock reports from any program that incorporates current deals and stock, or reorder reports to keep up static or dynamic levels of stock.

Client Loyalty:

By utilizing a point of sale framework in your liquor store, you currently can catch vital client information and buy history data. Numerous POS frameworks incorporate computerized VIP club estimating to enable reward to visit clients, and offer a CRM to track client purchasing history, and to target promoting endeavors.

Moreover, computerized receipts open another approach to draw in with clients through the purpose of offer. By receiving an advanced receipt application for your clients to utilize, store proprietors would now be able to offer their clients customized rebates and advancements through the receipt itself.

Drawbacks of Liquor POS:

Complicated Reports

Tweaked reports, web intuitiveness, transferring/downloading information in like manner document composes.

Liability Issue

Liquor stores are liable to probably the most arcane decides in retailing that shift significantly by state or area.
For instance, specific sorts of liquor may not be sold at specific occasions. Thus, record keeping is muddled and the expenses for not going along can be high.

Moreover, in a few states, merchants are allotted by the state to specific retailers. Additionally, muddling issues, distinctive expense rates may apply to various items, making point of sale exchanges much more intricate.


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