Openbravo POS Review

Openbravo is a cloud-based, on-premise solution that includes functionalities such as CRM, financials, inventory management, warehouse, and procurement.

It gives access to sales information that helps users calculate staff commissions for salespersons. It also integrates with payroll or attendance solutions to calculate labor costs and hours.

Main Features

Customers can setup accounting for users, vendors, payment methods, products, or specific events such as cash differences or cash movements at POS. Transaction level data can be passed on to accounts receivable, general accounting, and accounts payable modules automatically.

Openbravo manages information in production cycle from modeling process plans to cost, work-in-process, and quality management. The system allows users to define input and output products and quantities for each operation including semi-finished products, finished products, or raw materials.

Openbravo caters to multiple industries including professional services, distribution, food and beverages, manufacturing, and more. Support is provided via phone and email.

Tableside Ordering

This system’s tableside ordering features maximize table turnover. What is more, the guest experience is better than ever. Here are some other tableside ordering functions:

  • Take orders from mobile devices
  • Serve table, bar or take-away orders
  • Check table status and size
  • Simplify communication to the kitchen
  • Visibility of the status of the preparation
  • Update inventory automatically
  • Support a variety of payment methods
  • Offer product customization at POS


Openbravo’s flexible combo functionality lets you configure a practically endless number of combos based on different product families, such as beverages and main courses. You can set up the products and quantities to order for each family to fulfill the combo. You can also order a combo directly or let the system automatically detect combos based on products the customer has ordered.

Menu Management

Here’s a brief overview of menu management features:

  • Easy to use functionality
  • Manage ingredients, recipes and recipe versions
  • Enable or disable menu categories as per product availability
  • Make menu changes in the back office available across restaurants in minutes
  • Configure substitution products, optional or mandatory elements

Security and Fraud Control

No matter how many restaurants and terminals you have, this system lets you increase operational control and prevent fraud in your point of sale execution and cash-handling operations. You can enhance control with a sophisticated set of manager approvals, staff POS permissions, and audit information in the back office.

In addition, users of Openbravo POS can:

  • Gain detailed control of all deposits and withdrawals including reason codes for each entry
  • Control cash differences during all opening and closing activities in each terminal
  • A proven technology platform that lies at the heart of all Openbravo solutions
  • Control the status of all restaurants and terminals in real-time from the back office

Openbravo is a mobile, modular, cloud-ready platform providing the key set of technologies that allow you to extend your Openbravo solution to develop completely new, innovative, and different enterprise applications or adapt it to your existing needs.

Order to Cash

This process often poses significant challenges to ERP because it involves multiple departments. Seldom can it be implemented as a one-size-fits-all process across the whole company. This is most often due to differences by unit, geography, and even individual customer.

Openbravo offers maximum flexibility to adapt and configure various order-to-cash sub-processes, enabling reduced DSO and error rates, increased customer satisfaction and more effective management of working capital.

With Openbravo, you can document and expedite exceptions with Facebook-style, in context notes and attachments that can be linked to any order, shipment or invoice document or line.

The consignment sales module makes it possible to manage inventory at customer locations easily. This way, you invoice your customers only when they actually buy a product. There is a single database with automatic posting to financials, making sure that accounting and operations are always in sync as activities are tracked.

Order and Alert Management

The integrated alert management system detects and informs your team of issues like low stock levels, shipping delays, or late payments.

You get full support for multi-store consumer sales with Openbravo for retail tablet-optimized web POS module. Moreover, the system supports global order management through multi-currency and multi-lingual support.

Finally, all Openbravo data objects (orders, customers, invoices, shipments) include a unique link that can be easily copied and pasted via IM, email, and more. This is to ensure collaboration is streamlined and order-to-cash performance is improved.

User Interface

It is easy to extend your user interface with new tabs, windows, and fields without any need for manual developments, which enables higher quality and faster development. You can also create windows manually to cover your most specific user interface requirements.

Multitasking in Real Time

This system enables end users to be more productive by working simultaneously with documents on different tabs or multiple transactions. If you’ve started to register a new sales order and you notice your customer hasn’t been created after entering some data (happens all the time), just navigate directly from the customer field to the customer form in a new tab. Here, create your customer and use it in your sales document.

Customizable Workspace and Widgets

Users can access all recently visited windows and documents from an easily customizable portal-style homepage. They can administer the available widgets here too. Widgets are user interface elements that are either part of a generated window or are placed in a user’s workspace tab.

You can use them to display a wide range of different information ranging from dynamic database data in list form to static content and custom html content.


Users can perform order taking and other time-critical tasks with an editable grid akin to a spreadsheet. It is very easy to learn how to use it. You have advanced grid functionality like records grouping, column sorting, sizing, and freezing, adding formula and summary columns, or exporting grid content to a spreadsheet.


It’s possible to facilitate data navigation with powerful tree navigation capabilities through hierarchical data structures. The system’s flexible interface enables end users to personalize application windows without technical assistance, breaking the rigidity of traditional business management solutions. Forms personalization lets users change the form layout including the capacity to assign fields to the status bar of the form, change the order and visibility of fields, or set the field that will get the first focus.

Grid customization lets you choose hidden or shown columns, filter and sort data, and set column size and position. Your window customization can be saved as a view that you can set as the default to apply when the window is visited again once you have finished.


International operations become a breeze thanks to full multi-language capability. You can install translation modules to enable you to use the system in different languages.

Keyboard Shortcuts and User Messages

Full hotkeys are supported, thanks to which you can optimize repetitive tasks without a need to move your hands away from the keyboard. User messages inform about certain events in the application.


The system provides secure access through HTTPS. By centralizing user authentication, a single password per user is allowed. This is highly convenient. With other systems, you need a different password for each app.

Modification Tracking

Openbravo offers accurate data modification tracking with basic information about who created or modified data. Audit trail provides more advanced functionality. This feature offers a stronger, more flexible tracking of changes like changed or deleted rows or changed fields with old value and new value.

Functional and Data Security

By setting up users and their roles properly, you enjoy the functional security to manage access rights to entities such as windows and processes. Data security features manage access rights to subsets of data within aspects like Windows and Processes. This is possible by setting up the user access level and the data access layer at a table level.

Orchestrate Business Processes

By creating workflows through an embedded BPM engine (activity), you gain greater flexibility to model your processes. You can use forms, windows, or processes as workflow steps and create business events to trigger a workflow.

Import and Export Data Tools

It is simple to import the data of several entities like price lists, products, financial accounts, payments, business partners, assets, standard cost, journal entries, stock or projects with existing import data tools. Export data from the grid, widgets or specific processes created.

Positive Testimonials

Here’s what real, satisfied users are saying:

“It is the most feasible option for the billing and inventory system. You do not need training to learn how to use it efficiently.”

“It is great, truly a very useful and reliable tool, its management of reports added to its comfortable and intuitive interface makes it unnecessary to train much of it. The billing system is user friendly.”

“Openbravo is a perfect fit for most of the Retail Business. It integrates all the platforms namely Online, Offline & Mobile to provide a seamless experience to the end user. We have partnered with Exceloid – A Consulting company, highly specialized in Openbravo technologies has customized the ERP for our Retail & Apparel Business.”

“We worked implementing this software for a very well known and established fashion brand in Mexico, giving impressive results.”

“Such easy deployment, intuitive UI, and amazing value for money.”

“Operating our company in a very easy but effective way and for a very reasonable price.”

“State of the art technology, offline-resistant, intuitive user-interface, lean master data management.”

“I helped one customer to select an ERP to replace their old home-developed one. The alternatives included mostly commercial suites such as Microsoft Navision. Although the customer was initially reluctant to use an open source product, they changed their mind when they saw other running settings, the professional support services available from Openbravo and their partners and the big flexibility of the product. It is a product with hundreds of existing customers all around the world and with a big community of developers supporting it.”

“Powerful and flexible, professional documentation and support. Open source allows total customization.”

“Openbravo is undoubtedly the best product in the market, it has fastest sync rate between ERP and POS Terminal. It has complete Omni-Channel concept and works on any device. Companies can make all stores server free with this.”

Negative Comments and Complaints

One user commented that the system did not present errors as such, but more customization options are needed. This would help the user to work more efficiently. Here’s what other people are complaining about:

“I would like you to have the option to change the colors of the system, so the user can choose how the system should look.”

“The UI is somewhat not so attractive when compared to other ERPs. Though this can be customized to some extent, nothing like a stock UI redesign.”

“Sometimes it gets hard to get used to the Software UI, however, there is a great way to improve and add new functionalities.”

“Functional footprint is still growing, but fast. Best would be to couple it with your legacy financial system so that any local fiscal/legal requirement is covered. They do have already several connectors to different legacy systems.”

“Not so well-known as other ERP so customers often prefer to be on the safe side.”

Supported Operating Systems

Openbravo supports Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac OS, Linux, HP-UX, AIX, Solaris, Unix, Windows 2000, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

Our Final Say

Openbravo has embraced the Open Innovation model, developing its products and services both externally and internally to make sure they keep evolving. The Openbravo ecosystem has played a crucial role in achieving this effect.

It has also given users the opportunity to take advantage of improved open source web business applications characterized by high performance, a wealth of features, and high functionality.

Finally, users can extend and modularize verticals and functional integrations and extensions, keeping the product constantly up-to-date.

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