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Rain POS ReviewRain POS is a cloud-based point of sale (POS) and integrated website solution compatible with Mac OS and Windows.

This all-in-one platform is designed for small and medium sized retailers that offer rental, sales, repairs, classes, and events.

Normally, Rain is recommended to music stores, scuba shops, ski and snowboard shops, and similar specialty retail segments.


Rain POS enables you to create and modify products and add new ones from the integrated industry catalogs. You dispose of a wealth of information about your customers and sales transactions, which helps you attract new customers and keep former ones. The batch product update feature makes it possible to change a group of products at a time without having to update records one by one.

Rain POS provide good customer service, particularly when you encounter issues with the software. You will see sales grow and your professional online image will improve

The price of the system is reasonable for small and medium enterprises. The company also offers video training, which is crucial to understand how to use the software efficiently.

Multi-Store Capable

Rain’s real-time web store and POS are integrated through a single database, guaranteeing inventory levels are always accurate both online and on location. Employees can check or update inventory, make work orders and sales, and process rentals from anywhere inside or outside of their store because they have access to Wi-Fi or a mobile hotspot.


This feature ensures you won’t need to worry about making backups. All your business’ POS information will be stored in the cloud, which can be accessed anywhere you have Internet.

Service Tracking

The service tracking function makes repairs much easier. This function is integrated with your POS, and service tracking is as detailed as you need it to be. Even the tiniest of inventory items used for the repair or service are added to the claim ticket’s used parts. Clients are always aware of the status of every repair and service and receive automatic notification via SMS when their repair or service is completed.

There is no need to call clients all day to tell them their repaired/serviced item is ready to be picked up.

Client Accounts

Your success would be impossible without clients – that’s fairly obvious. Rain POS lets you access your significant player stats, like reward points and purchase history. You can also create rental packages – quickly add products to your rental item inventory and note which accessories one can add to the reservation.

You can create packages for items that are often used together or rent separate items piece by piece; it’s up to you.

Collect Data

Rain POS lets you collect any customer information you need: age, weight, height, skill level, whatever is relevant for the rental. The system collects all data, so you can give your customers the right gear.

Set Rental Periods

With Rain POS, you can set rental periods with the corresponding pricing. These can be per hour, per day, per week, or per season. The total will automatically be calculated for easy checkout since the rental software is integrated with the Point of Sale.

Set Up Late Fees Easily

The system lets businesses set up late fees at any time and in the amount they want. You can charge late fees by the hour, the day, the week, etc. You decide when items are due and what the penalty should be if they are not returned on time.

Customize Deposit Amounts

Decide if you’ll collect a deposit for each rental option. Some goods merit a larger deposit than others, and the flexible software reflects this. It has been set the way business owners want it to be.

Automated Email Marketing and Report Generation

Send clients automated marketing emails periodically. Send automated emails for top sellers, new arrivals, upcoming classes, and sale items. Generate reports to always know where your stuff is. Businesses can run daily reports to see how many items they are renting out on a given day, how many items are being returning, and how many are overdue or late.

Notifications and Reviews

Timely notifications are an important tool to get clients to return. You can send class reminders and service reminders to customers automatically. 9 out of 10 consumers admit that online reviews influence their buying decisions. It is easy to grow your Facebook reviews and Google+ reviews with Rain POS.

Target Marketing and Class Management

Businesses can send targeted emails to specific client segments from within the POS. There is no need to use a third party email platform. You can also offer your clients classes. They can sign up and pay for them online or on location.

Once a client registers for a class, their place is saved immediately and the number of available seats is reduced. Accept and demand payment upfront using the system to stop losing money from no-shows.

If you have more than one store, Rain POS comes in real handy. You can check out what items you have and where they are for as many locations as you have open. Moving inventory between location is simple because the POS uses a single database, thereby eliminating human error and assisting you in optimizing inventory levels between stores accurately.

Businesses and employees don’t need to worry about being on a certain computer in a certain spot to make sales, access business information, run reports, or do anything with the POS. All they need is a web browser and any Mac, PC, or mobile device. You can make sales from anywhere outside or inside the store with a wi-fi network or hot spot.

Accounting Integration and Unlimited Users

Rain POS is 100% integrated and compatible with Quickbooks. What a relief! Moreover, the number of users is unlimited. You can give as many users access to the POS system as you want. And all this for free! Retailers also have employee permission controls, letting them grant different levels of access within the POS according to employee need and status.  

Rain POS runs on a single database, which means levels of inventory are always identical across all sales channels. The site and POS are always accurate and always in sync. There’s no need for in-house servers or backups because the system is based in the cloud.

Integrated Data and Marketing

At the beginning, stores would post product information with descriptions and photos to their mobile-friendly, Google-optimized website for potential clients to find. The website inventory was always up to date because it was linked to the POS. Pre-shopping clients knew what they would find when they came into the store.

Then, clerks started collecting customer phone numbers and email addresses at the time of sale to boost loyalty programs. Finally, this POS’ integrated email and text message marketing tools made it simple to create targeted marketing lists and send messages to clients who would be interesting in hearing about rewards, classes, new products, and other information relevant to them.

Ultimately, those clients returned.



  • Easy to use and update
  • Batch product update
  • Good customer service
  • Affordable


  • No email marketing with website integration
  • Clunky newsletter module

Positive Reviews and Testimonials

Users say they love that everything is in the cloud, because they can run sales anywhere, from festivals to parking lots. They can also access reports anywhere from their phones. “Putting items on our website is just a button clicked, and inventory is shared online and locally so if I sell online, it’s taken out of stock in my local system, and vice versa,” comments a happy user.

Great Customer Support

Another user is quick to praise customer support. “We have run across a few minor bugs in the day to day use, but they are pretty quick at getting it straightened out. I’m sure it doesn’t have all the depth of that other system, but I’m able to use it and they are adding features very quickly. We don’t do rentals right now, so I can’t say how well that part works.” A lot of repairs are done, some of which are sent off site, and the work order module does a great job of keeping up to date with the repair status.

Rain POS’s Lessons module was recently under development. It promises a better way to handle trades and consignments.

Wealth of Features

Rain POS has tons of features, which prove pivotal to the success of music stores that sell, rent, and repair instruments and offer classes because these retailers need software for a lot of things. Rain POS makes it possible to do everything in one place. You don’t need a separate system for everything. It saves a lot of time and does away with the confusion of having things in different places.

Rain’s site is clean and easily customizable. The POS is full of features. Moreover, the company is developing more specific features for the various businesses of its clients. It is an ongoing process. There is one single database for customers and one for inventory. There is an integrated POS system, an integrated repair system, and an integrated web store.

Integrated Add-Ons

Integrated add-ons include short term rentals, layaway, rent to own with auto pay, gift card ability, email marketing abilities, push products to Reverb ability, coupon ability, track store account balances and apply to transactions, create and save quotes under a customer name, and purchasing lists by vendor populated with quantity-triggered items and with simple receiving and item cost updating.

Complaints and Negative Reviews

Most complaints involve software bugs from what we found. These issues are persistent and annoying even though customer support staff are good listeners and get to work resolving issues without delay. These are really small things though. For example, when a product is deleted from the Categories page, you are not directed back to that page. Instead, you’re redirected to the Products page.

There’s no easy way to move products into various categories in bulk. You either have to export the info to a spreadsheet or open each product manually.

Users can’t correct mistakes such as reversing voids without contacting Rain. Voided sales will show up on daily sales reports. Customer histories feature open sales. At the time of writing this review, there were no report query options. You can create a note on any adjustments made, but then you can’t see the note.

Our Final Say on Rain POS

Rain POS will allow you to present the whole inventory of your retail shop that is available online. You can take pictures of your items with your phone and upload them in milliseconds if such are not available from vendors. It is easy to make changes to your site even if you don’t know much about technology. On the off chance you find yourself struggling, you’ll find Rain POS’s webinars very helpful. And if they aren’t (again on the very off chance), just contact customer service. It is prompt and cooperative.  

Make sure you are aware of the SEO portion of Rain POS’s full potential. Users have reported finding their Google placement lagging (ex. showing up on page 6 of Google). After watching a webinar provided by Rain and spending several days working on the site, users reported they started to appear on the first page of important searches. And this without investing anything in SEO! It truly is a remarkable advantage. Do take care to ensure yourself that you’re using the system’s full potential.

The system was slow and clunky when it first came out. Navigating was slow, the search function was not always effective, and not enough pictures were allowed for websites. The Reverb integration was buggy and glitchy. The company overcame these downsides. It is constantly improving and correcting issues based on their users’ feedback. Right now, the Reverb integration, navigation, and search functions work fast and well. Needless to say, unlimited pictures are allowed on each listing.

Thank you for reading our review of Rain Point of Sale. We hope you found it helpful.