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Retailers who don’t understand the parts of point of sale (POS) hardware simply aren’t able to choose the right point of sale system for their business. You can buy a bundled POS system with or without software. Individual POS components can also be bought separately. We’ve outlined the main components of point of sale hardware below.

Cash Drawer

The cash drawer is an essential part of any POS system. It stores money, credit card receipts and other paperwork. This piece of hardware receives a signal from the printer or computer and opens when necessary.

If you plan on buying the components of the POS system separately, make sure the cash drawer is compatible with the rest of the system. Cash drawers should be robust and withstand the constant opening and closing.

POS Computer

This is the primary component of a point of sale system. It runs the software and may come loaded with proprietary software from the POS software vendor or have a standard operating system running the machine. It is recommended to use your POS computer only for reports, sales transactions, and inventory control.

Customer or Pole Display

The pole or customer display is an optional part of a point of sale system. It features a lighted display for the customer to view transaction totals and the respective amounts.

POS Touch Screen

A POS system may come with a traditional monitor or keyboard or a touch screen. Some businesses find the latter easier and faster to use. The touch screen saves counter space apart from adding functionality.

POS Monitor

If you prefer, you can add a point of sale monitor to the system. A flat-panel LCD monitor will take up less space at the checkout counter, but it may cost a little more than the standard CRT monitor.


Point of sale scanners vary in terms of technology and size. Small retailers favor small, hand-held scanners, while larger retailers with heavy check-out activity would find it better to install an embedded scanner like the ones you can see in supermarkets.

Barcode scanners read a series of numbers and lines, decipher the data, and send it to the computer. Scanners serve as a handy tool to add inventory to the POS software’s database, are accurate, and save a lot of time when ringing up multiple products for a customer.


The keyboard will serve as a main interface to the POS system if choosing a point of sale system without a touch screen. Keyboards for a point of sale system can vary both technologically and in complexity. They range in choices, from industry-specific POS keyboards to a standard 101-key model like some people have on their home PC.

Restaurants and grocery stores may require special functions that can only be provided by programmable keyboards. Consider the size, magnetic stripe reader functionality, and programmable key requirements when selecting a keyboard.

Receipt Printer

The receipt printer provides the critical ability to print a record of the transaction for the customer. The initial costs of buying a serial dot-matrix printer are generally lower, but this type of printer is ultimately more expensive because it uses pins and ink ribbons, which add to the cost over its lifetime.

Thermal receipt printers are a bigger upfront investment, and they also use special paper. On the plus side, they are quieter and faster.

Signature Capture Devices

You can add or integrate credit card terminals with the point of sale system. If the monitor or keyboard comes with a magnetic strip reader, all you would require is a pin pad or another way to capture the customer’s signature, although some devices include credit card readers.

These devices can work with credit and debit cards, gift cards, and other loyalty programs. They alleviate transactions and reduce the errors and costs associated with deposit paperwork.

We’ve reviewed some excellent providers below.


Star Micronics’ mPOP for Square POS, Mobile Point of Purchase is the first device to combines a cash drawer and printer peripheral. This compact, elegant, and fully integrated peripheral is the perfect choice for tablet and mobile device-based POS systems in part due to Bluetooth connectivity. To transforms into a fully integrated POS system, the mPOP must only be connected to a tablet or mobile device.

The mPOP combines a compact cash drawer with 4 bill and adjustable 4 or 8 coin slots with a two-inch thermal receipt printer with “Drop-In & Print” paper loading. The hidden space under the removable coin till provides extra security for store checks, high-value currency, and credit card slips. A locking base bracket is included with the mPOP to ensure reliable mounting on countertops for added security.

Top Features: Functions and Connectivity

The connectivity and functions of the mPOP make processing customer transactions efficient and seamless for small shops, florists, cafes, bars, and many more. This aesthetically pleasing and elegant device offers the ultimate point of sale solution for the new face of mPOS.

This combined cash drawer and receipt printer is a sleek, all-in-one solution to complete your countertop. It automatically prints receipts or opens the cash drawer every time you complete a sale. It is an excellent choice for small to average-size merchants who are looking for a compact solution.

An mPOP Receipt Printer and Cash Drawer and mPOP cable are included.

Datio POS Point of Sale Base Station

This is a station and cash register for point of sale software combined. IPads are not included. You can download it from Apple’s App Store to try it for free before committing to a purchase. Only payments by Vantiv or cash are accepted. The base station only works with Datio POS software. A printer, cash drawer, credit card reader, and scanner are all included.

Target Retailers

The product is ideal for salon, retail, quick serve restaurants, counter ordering, and full service restaurants. The combination of an iPad and the app provides an extremely reliable and convenient solution. Datio’s all in one printer, cash drawer, credit card reader, and scanner is a unique blend. The software is user-friendly and feature-rich. You can view sales reporting from any device. We offer email, SMS, and phone support.

You can try the company’s Quick Serve Restaurant App or Full Service Restaurant App for free before making a commitment. The item setup is very simple: you just add an item, give it an amount and name, and set up inventory with low level notifications.

You can add options or modifiers to each item. You can also list items by weight for selling things like salad. For easy reporting and searches, items can be set in a color category. Set up any category you want and have the system prompt for price.

Access Reports from Any Mobile Device

Users access reports from any mobile device or laptop at manage.datiopos. Select any time period you need, look at sales by items, basic sales, sales by associates, tips, and taxes. You can also look at the dashboard and the same reports within our POS App.

Integrated payments with payment processor Vantiv are provided. Datio also supports chip cards, basic credit card swipe, EMV, Android Pay, and Apple Pay. Use the Terminal Credit feature if you want to use your existing payment provider and terminal. Finally, you’re always welcome to call customer service if you need a more in-depth understanding of the credit card processing rates.

Store Types

Datio support all types of basic retail stores, including such as diverse as sweet shops, clothes stores, and hardware stores. Some of the best features are item discounts and color categories, tracking sales by sales associates, and tracking inventory.

A lot of beauty salons are supported as well. Sales can be tracked by stylist (sales associate). You can split tips and sales on one transaction between several associates. Set Tips by services and product or just services.

The POS solution is perfect for cafes and delis. Staff takes the order at the counter and use the LAN printer to print the kitchen order directly to the kitchen or print the extra receipt to forward to the kitchen. The integrated payments with Tip on screen are reported to increase tip revenue.

Full service restaurants can use Datio’s Restaurant iPad App from the Apple App store. You can enter the order print directly to the kitchen from the remote kitchen printer or Datio Base Station. Simply save the order, add more items to it, and print the additional order to the kitchen. Swipe the credit card, print the receipt for the table, and print the receipts for the customer to add Tip (not necessarily in that order). Adjust your transactions for the Tips once a day or in real time, then close the batch. It is a simple and great solution for your restaurant.

NRS POS + Bundle

This product features a touchscreen Point of Sale system, scanner, cash drawer, receipt printer, and customer display. The 15″ dual-facing POS terminal is quite remarkable, and the drawer, scanner, and receipt printer are as well. The interface is intuitive and easy to use for a fast and efficient check out process.

You can accept all forms of card payments, including credit, debit, and EBT. The last one requires merchant services. Manage users, create promotions, track store inventory and see sales statistics all at the same time. One full year of free service is included.


This point of sale system manages your price book, tracks store statistics, and assists in monitoring your inventory. The NRS POS+ gives customers an engaging check out experience, and retailers – full control of a smooth software interface with intuitive features. 

With this product, you’ll be able to streamline your POS customer checkout process by quickly checking out customers, holding orders, and more.

User Management

Users can create profiles with custom set permissions for everyone operating with the system. Manage your inventory levels and receive notifications when you are running low on specific products.

Store Statistics

Track your sales, monitor the results of your promotional offers, and manage your expenses. The integrated rewards program lets you offer promotions, discounts, and money saving offers to loyal customers. 


Users create and manage their own offers and sales. The discounts are added during checkout automatically.

Solid Customer Support

The company’s support team is there to help whether you need more training on the system or your equipment fixed. The POS+ system is the perfect cash register system for supermarkets, grocery stores, and convenience stores.

Credit Card Processing Services

The system accepts all kinds of credit card payments with integrated merchant services.

State-of-the-Art POS Software

Users can manage their stores efficiently using a comprehensive suite of tools designed for retail store owners of all walks of life. Your POS is constantly being upgraded and will automatically update with new and useful features.

 Retail Point of Sale System

This POS system includes a touchscreen PC, receipt printer, POS software (CRE), scanner, credit card swipe reader, cash drawer, and LCD pole display. You can accept all forms of payments, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, credit card, debit card, and EBT. The company offers low flat rate pricing or custom rates for business that process over $10k per month.

The mobile app allows you to access your POS from anywhere in the world with internet access. You can access all your stores and POS systems with a single swipe and see how your businesses are doing. The app is very intuitive.

Customer-Facing Display

Your customers will stay engaged during check out with the high-def, unique customer-facing screen. Customer facing ads are sure to keep their attention and interest them in your store’s offers and discounts.

Receipt Printer

The Perfect POS 80mm thermal receipt printer is industry-tested and designed to withstand all the jobs your company has for it. Lightning Fast Print Spooler guarantees a smoother checkout experience.

LCD Display

The Perfect POS LCD Display is aimed at bringing your promotional and marketing information to your clients in a bright, almost lucid color format. This display is the perfect solution for advertising at both restaurant quick-service counters and retail checkout stations.

Cash Drawer

The cash drawer of PC America’s POS system is the CD415 – a solid, highly reliable, printer-driven cash drawer for both hospitality and retail environments. The heavy-duty, yet elegant steel footprint (16 inches x 16 inches) minimizes the amount of counter-space needed for your Point of Sale system.

Top-End Touch PC

The top-notch touch PC lends the system an air of luxury. It has been designed with performance in mind, while also integrating a minimalist footprint for a professional finish.

PC America specializes in turnkey retail POS systems, and nowhere is this more evident than with this product. It is used by over 70,000 businesses. The company serves a variety of industries including grocery stores, clothing stores, liquor stores, convenience stores, vape shops, markets, tobacco shops, specialty shops and more. From mom-and-pop outfits to multi-location chains, there’s always a good fit. The customizable software can make businesses of all sizes more efficient and profitable.

Inventory Control 

With this product, you always know what you have available and when to order more. This is thanks to inventory scanning. The system is pre-configured and out-of-the-box. Just plug it in, complete the simple setup, and start ringing up transactions.

Employee Tracking 

Track productivity and employee hours to make better staffing decisions and understand and monitor your business’ financial status and sales trends!

What to Look for in POS Hardware

The easiest way to see a POS hardware system in action is to request for local references from the companies, whose services you’re thinking about using. Reach out to the companies to see how the systems work before committing. If you can’t get in touch with other businesses, ask for a free trial. Most providers will offer such.

Keep an eye out for functionality, speed, and user-friendliness of the each POS solution. Also consider how you will transition to the new POS hardware. Ask yourself how the process of transferring data about products, customers, and suppliers works.

After you have your new POS system up and running, look for ways to make the most of it. Look into add-ons, apps, or hardware that can improve your POS and make your life easier.

It’s a good idea to start seeing the company as more than just a service provider. Make an effort to develop a relationship with them. They are your long-term partner who can facilitate your expansion.

Our Final Say on POS Hardware

Finally, don’t just contact the vendor to seek technical help. Ask if they have any free resources for their customers. Do they conduct seminars or trainings? Maybe you can get a free whitepaper or online course. In any case, inquiring into these things is free of charge and takes minimal time and effort.

We hope you’ve found our article helpful. Any of these hardware POS vendors will make sure your business runs smoothly and efficiently. Let us know what you think in the comments below!