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retail pro posRetail Pro International (RPI), the company behind Retail Pro® POS, has been a global supplier of retail management software solutions for over 25 years.

Their products are recognized world-wide as richly functional, flexible and multi-national in use. Retail Pro® 9,000 customers are found in over 130 countries.

Retail Pro International is headquartered in Folsom, CA and Dubai.




Initial software purchase price is $1,600 per license.  Additional functionality and the equipment to support it add to the cost.  Database solutions (Oracle, MySQL, etc.) must be purchased separately with those inherent costs.  

While an accurate assessment of the normal cost is unavailable, estimates start at $11,000 software and equipment for a small business.

Target Industries

Retail PRO International provides solutions for global retail, chain stores and small businesses.  Brick and mortar stores and web stores are able to use the software.

The Retail Pro® Enterprise POS includes the ability to manage the business worldwide with a centralized view of data, customers, and inventory;  meets region-specific fiscal, language, currency, and tax requirements like VAT; provides local technical support.

For chain stores, the Retail Pro® POS has been adapted to accommodate the needs of multi-store invoicing and the franchise/franchisee relationship model.

Ease of Use


  • Simple, intuitive and customizable interface
  • Quick and flexible item entry at point of sale using barcodes, general descriptions, manual inventory lookup or optional touch screen item buttons
  • Issue and track fully-integrated gift cards, gift certificates and store credit across multiple store locations in real-time
  • Centralized processing of merchandise returns and exchanges with built-in verification help to reduce fraudulent returns
  • Track layaways, special orders and backorders and take an unlimited number of deposits — especially good when specialized equipment



  • Fully integrated payment processing that is fast, safe, reliable and PCI compliant. Process credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, check validation and more
  • Automatically create purchase orders based on current on-hand levels, existing commitments on layaways and special orders, minimum quantity levels and desired stocking levels


  • Track logins, discounts and more at any level or location within the organization
  • Built-in graphical reports for monitoring sales activity by store, vendor, employee and even hour of day for key metrics such as total sales, average sales and margin
  • Built in statistics and KPIs available for inventory items and customers, which can be viewed directly from with Retail Pro® or through reports
  • Item-level statistics including Sell Thru %, Stock to Sales Ratio, Turn, Days of Supply, Gross Margin Return on Investment (GMROI) help better understand what’s happening in the business and, as a result, can make more profitable decisions
  • Customer-level statistics including Total Visits, Average Sales Amount, Average Unit Items Sold, Average Margin $ help you better understand your customer’s purchasing behavior and can be used to develop more targeted marketing campaigns and provide better customer service

Technical Requirements

Retail Pro® is accessible across every device, including iOS, Windows, and Android.

Database options include Oracle, MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server, whichever are on the database server.

Equipment, including database servers, printers, iPads and mobile devices are all purchased, owned and supported by the customer and are in addition to the Retail Pro® investment.

Parts of the software solution can be either local or cloud-based.  A hybrid solution is the most likely installation.


  • Efficient, unified operations, including POS, replenishment, inventory management, promotions, customer management, back office, performance, and KPI reporting capabilities
  • Comprehensive business analytics
  • 150 prebuilt reporting templates
  • Simplified franchise management; connections with a variety of third-party solutions for e-commerce sites, loyalty, RFID, and ERP, CRM, HR systems
  • Inventory Management including:
  • Insight into inventory availability, down to size, color, and location
  • Reconcile POS records with physical inventory on the sales floor
  • Automatically replenish and manage stock between locations
  • Centrally manage pricing and promotions
  • Built-in e-commerce features for custom-designed on-line opportunities like on-line payments, shipment tracking or loyalty programs
  • Automatically generate purchase orders
  • EMV compatible
  • Integrate with SAP Business One enterprise resource planning software
  • Multi-source integrated Visual Analytics from ERP, CRM, supply chain and other data sources
  • Accessible on mobile devices

Customer Support

Phone & Email Support

Customer support is available through a contact phone number and an email box.

Remote Assistance

A subscription program is available for “Software Assurance.”  With the program, continuous software updates are provided so that retail management tools grow with the business and a risk-free lab environment is provided at no additional cost.  The cost of the updates is discounted with membership in the program.

Self-Help Materials

An on-line portal facility, My Retail Pro, is available.  On the portal, hundreds of videos for both training and reference are available as well as an extensive collection of technical articles, and access all the Retail Pro® product series documentation.

Annual Conference

RPI sponsors an annual Retail Pro Global Council, a get-together of customers and company representatives to share experience and recommend innovation.  The 2019 conference will be in April in Miami, FL.

Negative Reviews and Complaints

There is some indication that a recent upgrade to the software has introduced slower speeds of execution and a loss of functionality, predominately in the reporting and data discovery aspects.  In turn, this has required investment in equipment with greater storage and memory to counteract the loss of execution speed.

The software is not bug-free.

Pre-loaded report formats are un-editable.

As the system is so customizable, care must be taken in the upgrade process.  The relationship with the Customer Service can be a positive or a negative depending on the issue and the diligence of the Support team.


Pros and Cons of Retail Pro POS products


  • Established 25+ years
  • Tools designed to help simplify every-day store operations, aid in customer retention, and ready businesses for profitability and growth. 
  • Global reach
  • User community
  • Steady innovation
  • Scalable
  • Easy interface training


  • Discreet analytical functionality, one of the most useful attributes, must be purchased separately
  • Cost grows exponentially with additional options based on equipment needed
  • Support for the equipment and IT infrastructure requires in-house expertise or access to an

Positive Reviews and Testimonials

The Retail Pro® software is liked universally for ease of use, customizability, adaptability to global region variance.  The options available, while boosting the cost of use and reducing the return on investment are generally thought to be valuable and effective.

A significant set of users have been with the system for over a decade.

Customer Service Satisfaction

Retail Pro® is sold and supported through resellers and satisfaction with them seems to be high based upon Internet survey.  Still, response speed can be an issue when there are sales at stake. Satisfaction levels depend on the relationship with the service provider in question.

Our Final Verdict

Retail Pro® is the Cadillac of POS systems.  Flexible and easy to use, thoroughly supported by customer service and training, a sophisticated user of its many options will be able to effectively manage their business, whether brick and mortar or web-based.  All of this comes at a cost. This is not a plug-and-play, never look at it again solution. Appropriate and effective use requires effort and commitment and a significant investment in information technology expertise.  One would hope that the benefit provided would enrich sales beyond the investment required.