Teamwork Retail Review

Teamwork Retail is a point of sale (POS) solution with integrated applications available for customer management. In addition, it provides inventory management, e-commerce and warehouse management.

Finally, is has memberships, business intelligence and time clock. It is cloud-based. The solution allows users to track purchasing and inventory and receive stock over multiple stores from any iOS mobile device, in-store Mac or PC.

Loyalty points can be earned through purchases on location or online. You can gift cards and use them in the store and browse physical inventory of a store online before going on location to make a purchase, and many other things.

Teamwork Retail Pricing

Teamwork Retail does not publish its pricing plans on their website, so you need to get in touch personally to get a quote. From what we were able to find out, similar POS systems can cost between $30-$300 a month for the software and up to three times that (one-time fee) if they include hardware. Potential customers can contact the Teamwork Retail team for pricing details.

Teamwork Retail Features

One of the great things about Teamwork Retail is that they don’t charge any upfront licensing fees and hardware costs. The product is subscription-based and data is stored in the cloud. This solution is suitable for different types and sizes of retailers, from books and toys to clothing and furniture.

Below are the main features:

  • Sales Dashboard
  • Mobile and Cloud-based POS
  • Time Card (Employee Scheduling)
  • Analytics
  • Stock Count (Inventory Management)
  • Offline Capabilities
  • Third-Party Integrations
  • Shopper Display
  • Supplementary Apps for Time Card, Stock Count, and Shipments

Teamwork Retail offers a demo, which can be requested at their website. The apps available from Teamwork Retail include employee scheduling, delivery management, and inventory management. This POS solution works offline as well – being cloud-based – and once the system is back online, it automatically syncs data.

Teamwork Retail Overview

The company has made a video available at its site providing an overall background on the network of apps the company can provide its customers for an improved restaurant management user experience.

Popular Integrations

When choosing a POS solution, it’s crucial that the software integrate with other apps currently used by your business. Below are some of this solution’s popular integrations.

  • MailChimp
  • ShopifyPlus
  • Magento
  • Cayan
  • WooCommerce
  • Bomgar
  • Moneris
  • Heckler Design
  • SnapFulfil
  • FreshAddress
  • Avalara
  • Cisco Meraki

Who Created Teamwork Retail?

Teamwork Retail was developed by OneStep Retail Solution, a medium sized independent software seller headquartered in Glendale, California. The team behind the system has combined experience of almost a century in the technology industry.

Target Users

Teamwork Retail is suitable for retail businesses of all types and sizes selling different types of material and intangible products and services. The cloud-based tool can accommodate a business with multiple outlets and can grow along with the company. It can be used by companies with online stores as well as traditional brick and mortar ones. Over 100,000 stores worldwide use Teamwork Retail. Notable satisfied clients include Fox Retail, Malia Mills and Play N Trade.

Manage your Store from Anywhere

Teamwork Retail allows you to manage your store or franchise via any internet-enabled device irrespective of your location. The tool can accommodate your business needs as your company grows because it is in the form of software as a service. This software makes point of sale services faster and more efficient.

If you go for Teamwork Retail, your inventory management will get more efficient. It has a module to organize distribution and purchasing. It makes it possible to manage individual customers’ complaints and accounts. It is equipped with a comprehensive online retail platform with integrated advertising.

Teamwork Retail is easy to integrate with any major operating system, including mobile ones, because it’s almost universally compatible. It is always on and ready for you to manage your retail business on the go. This comprehensive tool will let you manage each business operation efficiently.

Seamless Integration

You can integrate Teamwork Retail with other tools used by your retail business seamlessly. The software makes it possible to manage online and in-store operations together for maximum productivity. Unfortunately, the site doesn’t offer online customer support directly, and you can’t use the tool or get support in any language but English.

Teamwork Retail Alternatives

Alternatives to this provider are Vend and LightSpeed.

Accessible by Staff

This solution supports mobile device access for both mobile POS units and retail staff. What is more, the product supports customer loyalty programs by offering rewards to be exchanged in member stores. The solution is also able to manage receipt and shipment of products, manage employee along with time and attendance, and support buyers with procurement features to track potential materials for orders.

While the solution offers its own APIs for application integration, ecommerce order fulfillment is provided as well. What is more, the product integrates with video surveillance systems to survey both staff and clients. This is necessary in order to review POS transactions as well as customer service in general.

Niches, in which Teamwork Retail Operates

The following sectors and niches are covered by Teamwork Retail:

  • Retail Inventory Management
  • Retail e-Commerce
  • Retail Merchandise Planning
  • Retail Management POS
  • Retail Inventory POS
  • Retail Warehouse Management
  • Retail Analytics POS
  • Retail Accounting
  • Retail Customer Management
  • Point of sale
  • Jewelry Store POS
  • Retail
  • Specifications

    OneStep’s product serves small, medium, and large businesses. It is supported by desktop, cloud, and mobile platforms and serves cross-business areas. Mac OS, Windows, Linux will work very well with it.


    Below are some extras this system can provide:

    • Coupons
    • Credit Card Processing
    • Bar Code Scanning
    • Customer Management
    • Discounts
    • Customer History
    • Employee Management
    • Exchanges
    • eCommerce
    • Inventory Management
    • Items on Hold
    • Gift Cards
    • Multiple Payment Forms
    • Price Lookup
    • Mobile POS Capability


    Potential users are very interested in the extent, to which this product is scalable. This is only natural as everyone’s idea is for their business to grow and flourish and for their POS system to be able to grow with it. It’s pointless to invest in a system that can’t be scaled. The good news is that Teamwork Retail is highly scalable and customizable. This tool can be easily customized and adjusted to cater to your specific business needs.

    Community Forum

    Can you get access to a community forum for users of this solution? We weren’t able to find one. If there is indeed none, this is a distinct disadvantage because a community forum is the best way to engage users.

    Measuring ROI

    When you’re trying to decide whether to invest in a particular POS solution or not, you’d want to know what the best way to measure the return on investment (ROI) that the solution promises to provide is. You recommend you call Teamwork Retail and inquire into how their business software will improve your ROI and ultimately drive your bottom line.

    Implementing Teamwork Retail

    Who deals with the implementation process of Teamwork Retail? This is a natural question to ask prior to choosing a POS system. Most businesses appreciate quick and smooth implementation. Ask how experienced and qualified the person or persons responsible for handling the implementation process are.

    Data Migration

    How smooth will the data migration be with Teamwork Retail? The company should be able to provide a structured data conversion methodology that will enable smooth migration of your data to the new system if you require it.

    Customer Support

    What support is available as part of Teamwork Retail package or pricing? Contact the software vendor and ask if the price they propose includes support. Get as many details on fees and charges as possible.

    Damage Control

    Software and hardware failure can break a business. On this note, do inquire if Teamwork Retail provides disaster recovery support in the event of software or hardware failure, and how much it will cost. What is the vendor’s policy on disaster recovery? Are any fees applicable for disaster recovery support if a catastrophic hardware failure affects your system?


    How often is the system updated? Indeed, many complaints about this product involve updates. The service provider does notify customers when the upgrades are scheduled, but they are sort of lengthy, and the software is not 100% functional when the upgrades are under way.

    Positive Reviews

    Most of the positive reviews involve the price, quality, and features. Below are several representative comments.

    “Pricing is very approachable. Software offers a lot, which is not at the expense of doing any one thing well.”

    “Teamwork retail is a good POS application where it is cloud based and you can access it by phone.”

    “Tags, start dates”

    “Great for our project management. We heavily depend on software to manage tasks and track time. Teamwork has so far been a great all-around tool to help keep track of projects and divvy up tasks on our team. We had previously been using Basecamp which we found to be hard to use and limited functionality. Migrating to TW has greatly increased our productivity and with it, we can track time more easily.”

    “I like the ease of use that is allowing me to set everything up and follow up with my projects while at the same time letting me notice what I really need in a software.”

    “Reliable, cost effective, easy to use and it tracks sales well.”

    “It is an effective tool to show how to work collectively.”

  • What to Look for in a Retail POS System

    If your software comes with a training video, take the time to watch it. When you start out, customize everything about your business. It may take a while at first, but it is worth it every time after when every function and command is just a click of a button away.

    The most important features of a POS system are comprehensive reporting and high speed. A customer purchase history will tell a shop owner who’s buying what and how much. It will make it possible to set up targeted events by brand among other things. Some POS systems have good “dashboards” offering a full display of your entire business, regardless of how many locations you have. In this department, Teamwork Retail is somewhat lacking.

    Generating reports is of paramount importance, both at regularly scheduled intervals or spontaneously. It would otherwise be impossible to monitor your shop’s performance, identify opportunities for growth and improvement, and pinpoint lagging operations. Make sure the POS system of your choice tracks everything from sales and staff activity to frequency program participation and memberships.

    Work with your vendor to get advice about on-boarding, set realistic goals for the implementation process before jumping in to avoid getting overwhelmed, and take some time to learn the ropes regardless of the system you choose. Last but not least, get to know the support team – you might need them!

    Our Final Say on Teamwork Retail

    Teamwork Retail is a streamlined, yet comprehensive cloud-based store management software designed for retailers with traditional stores and online operations. The features of the product include transaction functionality with management, inventory tracking and reporting, merchandising and distribution management, point of sale operations, customer support and assistance, and e-commerce platform with catalog information displays and in-store advertising.

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